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Kyodo News

Kyodo News, Japan's leading news agency, provides Japanese-language news service to practically all newspapers and radio/TV networks in Japan. The combined circulation of newspapers subscribing to Kyodo News is about 50 million. Kyodo News also offers news in English and Chinese.

Kyodo News JBN

Kyodo News has a commercial arm, K.K. Kyodo News, which includes press release distribution service - Japan Business News Center (JBN). Professional JBN translators convert English to Japanese under a strict editorial policy, conforming to Japanese media requirements.

Kyodo News PR Wire

Kyodo News PR Wire is the first full-fledged press release distributor in Japan. It was established in 2001 as an affiliate of Kyodo News JBN to expand release distribution service for both domestic and foreign media.

In partnership with Kyodo News PR Wire, Kyodo News JBN distributes releases by e-mail and fax to about 1,200 Japanese media entities with 1,600 outlets. Every release is posted on the website of Kyodo News PR Wire for easy access by reporters, editors, businesspeople, investors and consumers.


Latest Press Release
Giant panda cub Panda Xiang Xiang makes debut

Giant panda cub Panda Xiang Xiang makes debut

TOKYO, Japan, December 19 – Giant panda cub Xiang Xiang makes her debut at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo on Dec. 19, with her mother Shin Shin keeping a close eye on her. (Kyodo)