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India's largest news agency, Press Trust of India is a non-profit sharing cooperative owned by the country's newspapers. PTI's subscribers include newspapers, television channels, the state-run All India Radio and Doordarshan, the national broadcaster, government organisations, websites and several media and non-media organisations. With a staff of 1300 including 400 journalists, PTI has over 70 bureaus across the country and corresondents in major cities in the world.

Besides its flagship English News Service, PTI also has PTI Photo Service and news service in Hindi, India's national language.

Press Releases are distributed to PTI subscribers through PTI wires that reach subscribers through satellite, the Internet and in some case e-mail.

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Mumbai : Maharashtra Governor C Vidhyasagar Rao with the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott at a recent meeting in Mumbai. PTI Photo

Mumbai : Maharashtra Governor C Vidhyasagar Rao with the Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott at a recent meeting in Mumbai. PTI Photo

Austrlian PM Tony Abbott greets Indians on Diwali

Melbourne, Oct 22 (PTI) Australian Prime Minister Tony
Abbott has greeted over 4,50,000 Indians living in the country
on Diwali and praised their role during World War I.
"Happy Diwali. It is a time to enjoy good food and
entertainment, and to celebrate the bonds we share with family
and friends. It is also an opportunity to reflect on the
meaning of Diwali - the triumph of light over darkness,"
Abbott said.
Highlighting the role of Indians in Gallipoli in the
First World War, he said, "In periods of conflict and
uncertainty, Australians and Indians have worked, fought
and sacrificed together."
"Our men served side by side at Gallipoli in the First
World War," Abbott said, adding "In the Second World War, they
endured extreme hardship after the fall of Singapore."
The Australian leader concluded his first official two-day visit to India in September.
Australian landmarks, including Sydney Opera House,
Melbourne Airport and several other official buildings were
lit up for Diwali celebrations.
The celebrations kicked a week in advance with Indian
diaspora organising several special events of music and dance
and gala dinners across the country.
In Melbourne, a group of Indians attended a special Diwali event held at the Victorian Parliament recently.
Day-long functions of music and dance and fireworks were
held in suburbs of Sandown and Werribee which were attended by
thousands of Indians during the week.
Victorian Labour Party leader Daniel Andrews said, "I
offer my best wishes to members of Victoria's Indian
community. This festival has become a symbol of unity,
strength, prosperity, hope and at Fed Square will again be the
largest festival of its kind in Australia."
Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said, "Diwali truly is one of the principal religious observances in our diversecommunity as you come together in prayer and reflection."
New South Wales premier Mike Baird, who announced lighting up the Sydney Opera House for the first time to mark Diwali celebrations, said: "This festival has been embraced by
Australians of all backgrounds and is one of many cultural and
religious celebrations that take place every year across NSW."
Others who wished were Victorian Premier Denis Napthine
and Shadow minister for Infrastructure and transport Anthony
Albanese. PTI