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Friday, December 08 2017 - 06:00
Google Street View Joins a Crab Migration of Millions on Christmas Island
SYDNEY, Australia, Dec. 8, 2017/Medianet International-AsiaNet/ --

From herds of elephants in Kenya to penguins in Antarctica and frogs in the 
Amazon, the Street View Trekker has met some charming characters on its 
journeys around the world.  This week, Street View is venturing to Christmas 
Island, a remote Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, to join more than 45 
million local residents for their annual trip from the forests to seas. 
Christmas Island’s famous, endemic red crabs have begun their once-a-year 

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For most of the year, these land crabs stay burrowed in Christmas Island’s lush 
damp forests to preserve body moisture and protect themselves from harsh 
sunlight. But each year, they emerge from the forest shelter to march to the 
sea to spawn near the coastal waters. These bright red residents wait patiently 
for a precise alignment of the rains, moon cycle and tides to commence their 
journey. They’re starting to paint the town red and Dr. Alasdair Grigg on 
behalf of Parks Australia, is carrying the Street View Trekker to collect 
imagery of this yearly miracle for all to see. The migration concludes on the 
ocean shores when the highest density of crabs spawn and lay their eggs in the 
sand - a finale forecasted for December 13.

The volume of red crabs presents unprecedented conditions for the Street View 
image capture. As crabs crowd the roads, boardwalks and beaches, each step must 
be taken with care. Fortunately, crabs have right of way on Christmas Island, 
and Parks Australia has built walls and fencing along roads to direct the 
crossers to safety. 

Whether you’re in Ballarat, Bogota or Berlin, soon you’ll be able to experience 
the Christmas Island crab migration, and its grand finale (the spawning) on 
Street View. We invite you to join this marvelous march - and see why Sir David 
Attenborough calls this phenomenon one of the “most astonishing and wonderful 
sights.” You can expect to see the imagery from this collection on Street View 
in early 2018.

Camilla Ibrahim 
Communications and Public Affairs Manager

Spokespeople featured in the video news release: 
- Dr Alasdair Grigg, Parks Australia Ranger 
- Camilla Ibrahim, Google Australia

SOURCE: Google Australia