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Wednesday, February 14 2018 - 13:00
NYNJA Announces Plans for First Blockchain-Enabled International Messaging Application with an Integrated Digital Marketplace and its own Cryptocurrency Economy
HONG KONG, Feb. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire- AsiaNet/ --

-Cross-platform App Enables Consumers and Enterprise Users to Communicate, Buy, 
Sell and Trade without Language Barriers in a Decentralized Cryptocurrency 

NYNJA Group Ltd. (, a global communications and mobile 
technology company, today announced NYNJA, the first international 
communications app with a built-in digital marketplace and cryptocurrency 
wallet. NYNJA is a cross-platform app that combines voice, text and visual 
messaging with robust and secure business management and e-commerce features, 
all powered by its own financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. 
NYNJA, in development since Q1 2017, is currently in beta and the public token 
sale for NYNJACoin will launch on April 17, 2018.

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NYNJA will soon be available on Android, iOS, and Web with native development 
of Mac, Linux and Windows versions to follow 

"While there is no shortage of mobile messaging apps, there has never been an 
all-in-one communications app that seamlessly supports the messaging and 
transactional needs of both individual and business users with the utmost 
security protocols available today," said co-founder and CEO Salvatore 
Guerrieri. "NYNJA is the first app of its kind to harness the full potential of 
its user base, empowering them with a cross-platform multimedia messaging app 
and a built-in global marketplace backed by secure Blockchain protocols."

The NYNJA marketplace allows users to buy and sell goods and services 
internationally through an open API using NYNJACoin, the ERC20 standard 
cryptocurrency of NYNJA's integrated financial ecosystem. With NYNJACoin, users 
can also access exclusive groups and pay for proprietary in-group content such 
as licensed assets or timed consultations. Users can also earn NYNJACoin for 
viewing ads and sharing branded material like sticker-packs or coupons. Each 
account can be organized according to the user's social, consumer and business 
lives, and comes with a secure Ethereum wallet enabling users to transact 
freely within the app for fast international payment transfers without the need 
for costly external payment providers or internal platform fees. Completely 
scalable, the open-source platform will enable developers to build into NYNJA 
with the addition of value-add applications.

In addition to standard messaging features, NYNJA features scheduled messaging 
and translation. NYNJA is global, integrated and secure across every platform 
and device, and lets users make free Internet calls and transfer calls to any 
phone. NYNJA's architecture features secure encryption of cloud data storage 
for saving messages, images and files, and features a beautifully designed and 
intuitive interface highlighted by the app's patent-pending concentric wheel 
navigation system. The concentric wheel enables quick and easy navigation of 
the app using only one thumb and eliminates the use for back buttons.

"More than a quarter of the world uses mobile messaging apps, but the current 
class of apps falls short because they are either global but too basic, for 
example WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, or have adoption limitations due to 
being region-specific as in the case of Line and WeChat," said NYNJA co-founder 
and president Alejandro Gramont. "Furthermore, many messaging apps are geared 
primarily for personal and social use rather than business; and most 
business-class apps lack the capabilities required to truly qualify them as 
enterprise-grade. NYNJA is in a class of its own as the only all-encompassing, 
highly customizable communications app with a blockchain-based marketplace and 
financial ecosystem."

At launch the NYNJA App will be available on Android, iOS, and Web with native 
development of Mac, Linux and Windows versions to follow.

NYNJA's experienced team includes CEO and global entrepreneur, Salvatore 
Guerrieri; co-founder, president and COO Alejandro Gramont; chief technology 
officer, Plamen Minev and co-founder and chief strategy officer Marshall 
Taplits. Advisors include Michael Terpin, CEO of investor conference series, 
CoinAgenda; Ken Lo, CEO of ANX International, which is a leading service 
provider of blockchain payment solutions; and Howard Bilton, founder of The 
Sovereign Group. Miles Pelham, founder of Digitas Limited and Mun Shing Cheong, 
the general manager of ANX Digital, are also advisors. 

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NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company creating the first 
international cross-platform communications app with a built-in cryptocurrency 
marketplace and crypto wallet. The NYNJA app combines voice, text and visual 
messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered 
by its own financial ecosystem and cryptocurrency, NYNJACoin. With NYNJACoin, 
users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, as well as access 
exclusive content and earn tokens for viewing ads or using branded material. 

For more information on the NYNJA app and token sale, please visit: