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Wednesday, March 14 2018 - 13:00
KINTEX Presents Korea's Largest Conventions in Future Technology, 'RoboUniverse & K Drone' and 'VR Summit', in June
SEOUL, South Korea, March 14, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

RoboUniverse & K Drone (RoboUniverse) and VR Summit return to Seoul for the 
fourth consecutive year. The exhibition and conference hosted by RisingMedia 
Inc. and 3DR Holdings, in association with KINTEX, showcases the latest core 
technologies in Industry 4.0 from June 28 (Thu) to 30 (Sat) at KINTEX, Halls 7 
and 8. 

The two events are concurrently held with Inside3DPrinting and TechnoscapeAsia 
(Cloud Computing, Big Data, Super/Quantum Computing, and Cyber Security) to 
form a combined mega-event during KINTEX's "Technology Week" in late June of 
every year. The Seoul event is part of the world's first traveling convention 
in the respective fields and is at the forefront of Korean service robot, IoT, 
drones/UAV, AI, VR/AR/MR, and future technologies. The salient theme of the CES 
2018 held in Las Vegas earlier this year was IoT and AI, where most of the 
exhibits were infused with the technology in one way or another. Dubbed the 
"Korean CES," RoboUniverse & VR Summit promises to show visitors the latest 
development trends of the high-speed internet and technology-driven nation.

Attendees of RoboUniverse may expect to find various applications and 
development trends of service robots and Unmanned Technology in such fields as 
social, medical, military, (prevention of) disaster, agriculture, education, 
entertainment and so on.

In VR Summit, visitors will be able to see and experience cutting-edge 
technology equipment, attractions, creative contents, adult contents, and 
various applications such as psychological treatment, gaming, and architecture. 
Entrepreneurs in the fields of VR/AR/MR/CR seeking to open new markets may gain 
insight by attending the 2 day conference with 25 sessions on topics ranging 
from "Entering the Chinese Market" to "Silicon Valley Investment."

"Korea has one of the most outstanding ICT and IoT infrastructure in the world; 
on that firm foundation, Korea has been rapidly developing its technology and 
has become a powerhouse in the digital industry. Korean companies are 
especially appealing to investors overseas due to the high quality of contents 
and relatively low production cost. This is the reason why the Korean event is 
the most successful one among our events," says the Asia Pacific Managing 
Director of RisingMedia. 

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