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Thursday, March 29 2018 - 16:00
Shiga Prefecture to Release PR Video "The Premium Culinary Tour Shiga Japan" in Five Languages on March 30 to Promote Charms of Japan's Oldest Branded Beef, Omi Beef
OTSU, Japan, Mar. 29, 2018 /Kyodo JBN-- AsiaNet/ --

The Shiga Prefectural Government has produced "The Premium Culinary Tour Shiga 
Prefecture," a publicity video promoting the charms of Omi Beef, one of Japan's 
top three "wagyu" beef brands. It is to be posted on YouTube in five languages 
-- English, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Korean and Thai -- on 
Friday, March 30, 2018.

This video retraces an event, titled a "Journey to Fully Enjoy Omi Beef in 
Shiga Prefecture," which was held in December last year to promote Omi Beef and 
sightseeing spots in Shiga by inviting tour operators from Hong Kong and 
Singapore to the western Japan prefecture.

The four-day tour did not only feature all kinds of Omi Beef gourmet treats -- 
ranging from shabu-shabu and sukiyaki hot pots to hamburg steak and beef steak 
-- but also tourist attractions in Shiga Prefecture. They included a cruise in 
Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan; the hot spring resort of Ogoto Onsen, 
which has a history of nearly 1,200 years; Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei, part 
of a World Heritage site; and Hikone Castle, one of Japan's best known castles. 
The video contains comments by participants at the end of the tour, such as 
"Lake Biwa is super beautiful! I want to come here again. Omi Beef is super 
delicious!" and "Omi Beef shabu-shabu tasted really great!"

Omi Beef has so far been exported to Macao, Singapore, Thailand, the 
Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar as well as Taiwan, which newly joined the 
export destination list in October last year. Shiga Prefecture has organized 
this fam trip targeting Hong Kong and Singapore, where wagyu draws much 
attention and a great number of potential buyers when compared with other 
economies, to create a tour combining Omi Beef and sightseeing spots in the 
prefecture, aiming to expand demand for inbound tourism via Kyoto, attract 
visitors to Shiga and boost consumption of Omi Beef.

Omi Beef: Japan's oldest branded beef
Omi Beef has its origin dating back some 400 years and its history is 
considered long for well-known branded beef. In these early years, eating beef 
in Japan was prohibited by the shogunate feudal government. But the Hikone 
domain, currently Shiga Prefecture, was the only region in the country that was 
allowed to produce beef as it presented the shogunate family with miso (soybean 
paste)-marinated beef as "meat for health and fitness" or, so to say, medicinal 
meat. In 1951, local livestock dealers, wholesalers in Tokyo and other parties 
concerned founded the Omi Beef Association with the aim of establishing the 
brand of Omi Beef and expanding its marketing channels. It was the first-ever 
organization in Japan to promote brand-name beef. Now Omi Beef can be called 
one of Japan's premium traditional beef brands.

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Outline of Shiga Prefecture
Shiga Prefecture, neighboring the east of Kyoto, is quite accessible from big 
cities -- about 10 minutes from Kyoto and about 30 minutes from Osaka by train. 
The prefecture is full of sights to see: Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan 
with a history of about one million years; Enryakuji Temple on Mount Hiei, 
which is part of a World Heritage site; Hikone Castle and other spots. Shiga is 
also known as a prefecture of longevity with its average male lifespan being 
the longest in Japan.

SOURCE: Shiga Prefectural Government