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Thursday, May 17 2018 - 10:00
CPA Global launches Innography software in the Asia market
BEIJING, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

CPA Global(R), the Intellectual Property (IP) services and technology market 
leader, today announces the official launch in Asia of the powerful IP search 
and analytics software - Innography. 

Innography, first launched in the US in 2007, is the world leading IP patent 
analytics software designed for both IP power and business users. It has been 
widely adopted across the IP industry and around the globe by innovative 
companies and law firms including AMD, Kimberly-Clark, Synopsys, and Perkins 
Coie LLP. 

As a powerful and comprehensive patent analytics software application, the 
uniqueness of Innography lies in its ability to meet both the professional 
needs of intellectual property experts and requirements from business users. It 
offers highly flexible analysis capabilities to help find insights to IP and 
business related questions easily. 

With its comprehensive and reliable database covering patent, trademark, 
company, patent litigation, non-patent literature (NPL) documents and powerful 
intelligent analysis capability, Innography software is purposely built to 
address users' needs for IP portfolio strategy and maintenance, innovation and 
idea development, competitive surveillance, licensing, litigation, and M&A due 

Innography's cleansed database includes patent documents from 104 jurisdictions 
worldwide, normalized companies, financial information, U.S. IP litigation 
data, inventor information, U.S. trademarks, technical standards, and 
non-patent literature (NPL). Innography data is strictly cleansed, 
standardized, and correlated to ensure decisions are made using accurate data 

With the extensive data and global experience of Innography, CPA Global was 
invited by Google in 2017 to participate in its public patent database project. 
Innography helps Google users in viewing latest patents, conducting patent 
comparison and gaining valuable insights. 

"If companies are going to stand out from the crowd and remain competitive in 
future years, innovation is key." CPA Global's head of business development in 
Asia, Yifeng Song said, "As the pace of innovation accelerates, patent analysis 
plays an ever more critical role in a company's ability to make informed 
business decisions that lead to better business results - from understanding 
where their competitors are investing, to identifying new R&D opportunities. 
Insights derived from Innography IP intelligence software will help Asian 
customers answer IP questions more quickly, accurately and confidently than 
ever before, and achieve the best business return."

About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world's leading IP management and technology company. We 
offer customers The IP Platform: delivering integrated Innovation and IP 
Portfolio software, services and insights across the entire Idea Lifecycle, 
supporting customers every step of the way to realise the value of their ideas. 
IP One Data is at the heart of The IP Platform - empowering our customers with 
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