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Friday, December 07 2018 - 13:57
A You-Are-Welcome-to-China Message in World Square -- Letter of Invitation from the 2nd China International Import Expo
SHANGHAI, China, Dec. 7, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

For two days now, a video footage has been posting an E-letter of invitation 
from China on the super-screen in the Sydney World Square. The message is about 
a promo-demo on the road which is coming to town in Sydney on 6 December, 2018, 
when Australian enterprises and entrepreneurs are invited to take part in the 
second China International Import Expo (CIIE).

A fresh feedback from the inaugural CIIE is that Australian enterprises and 
entrepreneurs have signed off in China an intentional amount of 2.4 billion 
U.S. dollars worth of exports to China of goods and services.

The deputy director of CIIE Bureau, Liu Fuxue, has briefed the Sydney road show 
about the smooth and successful conclusion on November 10 of the inaugural 
edition of CIIE which has brought about plentiful outcomes. On a floor space of 
over 10,000 square meters scattered 116 Australian enterprises including such 
well-known businesses as Metcash, Australia Post, Swisse and Blackmores. It was 
through the first CIIE that some Australian brands have made their China debuts 
and some have started their inroads into the Chinese market. Of the signed 
intentional total, there are Australia-China cooperation agreements on tourism, 
resources, infrastructure, e-commerce and logistics as well as purchasing and 
procurement accords for dairy and meat products, beverage, wine and liquor. As 
the deputy director puts it, "The extensiveness and diversifiedness of signed 
agreements and accords bode well for the cooperative potentials of the two 

Data show that for eight years on end China has been the largest market for 
Australian exports of services, especially since 2015 when the China-Australia 
Free Trade Agreement came into force to have boosted bilateral trade into 
trail-blazing advancement. The year 2017 has seen Australian exports to China 
grow by over 20%.  Both countries have witnessed the great potentials in 
cooperation in such areas as energy and mining, agriculture, renewable 
energies, healthcare and caring for old-aged people. In recent years, 
Australian healthcare products, cosmetics, beef, dairy products and wines are 
getting widely popular in China. Along with China's transition toward a 
consumption-driven economy, a wider scope of cooperation in more areas has 
availed itself to the two countries. What's worth special mentioning is the 
fact that most Australian exports to China will start enjoying zero-tariff 
treatments starting in early 2019. It is against this backdrop that the China 
International Import Expo will offer and provide more tangible and tenable 
cooperation and business opportunities for Australian enterprises and 

Consul General of the Consulate-General of China in Sydney,Gu Xiaojie said: 
"Australia's presence at the first CIIE was very strong. Australian Trade 
Minister the Honourable Simon Birmingham led a delegation to the Expo. Over 200 
Australian brands were showcased, making Australia the third largest in terms 
of the number of products and the sixth largest in terms of the number of 
exhibitors. Eleven commercial agreements between Australian and Chinese 
companies worth almost $15 billion were signed, spanning across a range of 
sectors including tourism, resources, infrastructure, e-commerce and logistic 

As is known to the press, the Australian government believes in the great 
potentials of the Chinese market as demonstrated by the Australian performance 
in the inaugural exposition. Australia expects to benefit from the CIIE 
platform to get more goods and services into the Chinese market for a win-win 

The China International Import Expo is a gift presented to the world by an open 
and opening-wider China.

The CIIE is the world's first ever exposition specializing in imports of goods 
and services. The annual event has kicked off in 2018, with a theme of "New 
Era, Shared Future". During the November 5-10 inaugural expo, upwards of 3,600 
exhibitors hailing from 172 countries, regions and international organizations 
have displayed their products and service capabilities over a combined floor 
space of 300,000 square meters. Over 400,000 purchasers have talked and 
negotiated during the expo which has witnessed enterprises from over 130 
countries and regions to have signed off 57.8 billion U.S. dollars for a 
per-square meter sub-total of 210,000 dollars. 

China now is the world's second largest economy, the second largest importing 
and consuming economic entity. China is currently transforming from fast growth 
to quality development and therefore has enthused demands for quality and 
specialized goods and services. In the five years to come, according to Liu 
Fuxue, China is set to import well over 10 trillion U.S. dollars worth of goods 
and services. All countries have their respective advantages, specialties and 
competitiveness to access with their goods and services the Chinese market with 
a population of 1.4 billion. China will provide foreign and overseas 
enterprises attending the CIIE exposition with top-level services and 
facilities. Exhibitors are also expected to witness the openness and the 
attractiveness of the Chinese market. "The China International Import Expo is a 
gift presented to the world by an open and opening-wider China," says Liu Fuxue.

With the China International Import Expo, China has demonstrated its sincere 
willingness to open further its market for the world. So the exposition itself 
is an opportunity for foreign and overseas enterprises and businesses to enter 
the country, apart from exhibiting their respective strengths and round-tabling 
cooperation details in economy and trade. "I hope the China International 
Import Expo will assist liberalizing and facilitating international trade and 
investment, joining efforts in baking a bigger still global trade cake, and 
contributing toward the construction of a more dynamic, open and inclusive 
globalized economy," adds the deputy director of CIIE Bureau.

Application for the second China International Import Expo has begun on 1 July 
2018, with a deadline now set for 30 April 2019.

According to Liu Fuxue, well over 30,000 square meters of exposition floor 
space have already been signed up by many exhibitors with Australian 
enterprises included, while many many more are negotiating their exhibiting 
details. Aspiring Australian enterprises and entrepreneurs are therefore 
advised to apply as soon via the CIIE official website at

In the meanwhile, Promotion for the second CIIE exposition has started, with 
another troupe traveling to New Zealand for another such tour show.After 
Australia and New Zealand, the CIIE promo-demo troupe will hit the road leading 
further to Indonesia, the United States, Panama and Brazil.

The CIIE promo-demo road show in Sydney is co-organized by the China 
International Import Expo Bureau and National Exhibition and Convention Center 
(Shanghai). It gets the support of the Embassy of the People's Republic of 
China in Australia, the Chinese Consulate-General in Sydney, the Chinese 
Consulate-General in Melbourne, the Chinese Consulate-General in Brisbane, the 
Chinese Consulate-General in Perth, the Chinese Consulate-General in Adelaide, 
the Australia-China Chamber of Commerce, the South Australia Government and the 
New South Wales Government. Three Australian enterprises have shared their 
experience and outcome gathered from the inaugural CIIE exposition. Present at 
the Sydney road show are over 100 representatives from the Australian political 
and business circles and the media outlets.

Source:  CIIE Bureau

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