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Thursday, September 12 2019 - 04:14
Bucher + Suter and NovelVox Join Forces to Expand Cisco Contact Center Integrations and Enhance the Customer Experience
BOSTON, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Bucher + Suter and NovelVox are delighted to announce their new global 
partnership, which will expand both companies' reach across the Cisco Contact 
Center integration solutions landscape. Under the terms of the OEM agreement, 
Bucher + Suter will use NovelVox's technology for the Cisco Finesse Agent 
desktop as the basis for a new and expanded suite of solutions.   

The disconnect between contact center and enterprise applications is widely 
regarded as one of the most significant and commonly encountered pains while 
operating contact centers. It can leave agents scrambling across their desktop 
for the information and functions they require to deliver high-quality customer 
experiences. Now, Bucher + Suter and NovelVox, two industry stalwarts with 
years of experience solving that contact center challenge, are teaming up to 
develop the ultimate full-circle Cisco product offering.   

"Joining forces with a company like NovelVox, who share similar values to 
ourselves, was an easy decision to make. Up until now, we've had slightly 
different approaches to solving the problem of integration. By teaming up, 
we're bringing together the best of both worlds so that no matter how complex 
or unique our customers' needs are, we feel like we have them covered. And 
we're confident that through our partnership with NovelVox, we'll be in a 
position to create, capture and offer even more value in the Contact Center 
market in the future. By leveraging the open APIs of enterprise applications, 
the integration possibilities are more or less endless."

Martin Wüthrich, CEO, Bucher + Suter   

Through the strategic partnership, Bucher + Suter will expand upon its range of 
industry-leading CRM-based connectors for Cisco Contact Center. There are plans 
for more than 50 additional integrations. Support for Selligent and 
out-of-the-box solutions for EPIC, Cerner, Aetna, Symitar, Jack Henry, Fiserv, 
and FIS will be available from launch, through the brand-new b+s TAO for Cisco 
Finesse [] 
suite. Businesses from industries like healthcare, government, retail, and 
banking and finance will now have new industry-specialized options available 
via the Cisco SolutionsPlus program.

As an established Cisco SolutionsPlus vendor, Bucher + Suter is already 
well-positioned in the marketplace and has a deeply formed partner network. 
Through their collaboration, NovelVox will gain access to the SolutionsPlus 
program, where their products will be available via Bucher + Suter to the whole 
partner ecosystem.

"I am very excited to announce this strategic partnership with Bucher + Suter. 
Our strong product portfolio of integrated contact center solutions and their 
well-established brand and partner network will prove to be a win-win for our 
customers, partners, and ourselves. Both companies are committed to improving 
the customer experience for all Cisco Contact Center customers and build more 
solutions to take customer engagement to the next level."

Amit Gandhi, CEO, NovelVox

About Bucher + Suter

Connecting Cisco customers to CRM and service applications for over a decade, 
the Bucher + Suter [] team is dedicated to 
creating tightly integrated CTI & Omni-Channel solutions designed to maximize 
the value of the Cisco platform. Our goal: to save our customers time and money 
with every customer contact. The result: transparent, powerful, and elegant 
connectors from the contact center to the back office that optimize efficiency 
and software utilization.

About NovelVox

NovelVox [] is a global software company that has been 
developing flexible and optimized Contact Center Agent Desktops 
[] and Wallboards 
[] for Cisco, Avaya, Five9, 
and Genesys for over 10 years. NovelVox has an extensive library of Cisco 
Finesse integrations with solutions for more than 50 applications. The NovelVox 
Cisco Finesse Gadget Designer is the world's only drag and drop Finesse gadget 
designer, empowering companies to create their perfect agent environment as and 
when required. With over 150 global deployments across verticals, including 
banking, telecoms, healthcare, government, education, and retail, NovelVox has 
the experience to create customized solutions for any industry.

SOURCE: Bucher + Suter