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Monday, October 21 2019 - 23:18
Flip Your World View: Expo 2020 Dubai Aims to Turn Millions Into Global Changemakers as Event Marks One Year Countdown
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Collaboration with Rosling’s Gapminder Foundation to challenge Expo 2020 
visitors’ view of the world 

- Expo to inspire greater understanding, communication globally 

- Knowledge the basis for cross-border efforts to make a better future

Expo 2020 Dubai has announced a collaboration with the Swedish-based Gapminder 
Foundation to turn Expo 2020 visitors into global champions for change. The 
news comes as Expo 2020 marks the one year countdown to The World’s Greatest 
Show of human brilliance and achievement. 

Anna and Ola Rosling will work with Expo 2020 Dubai to create a series of 
questions to challenge visitors’ understanding of the world. This follows the 
results of Expo 2020’s Global Optimism Outlook Survey, which highlighted 
people’s desire for increased communication, knowledge-sharing and cross-border 

“The world is far more optimistic than is often felt,” said Ola Rosling, 
Chairman and Co-Founder, Gapminder Foundation. “The Gapminder Foundation was 
born to allow people to be able to learn more about the world for themselves in 
a clear, unbiased manner. We see challenges in the world every day but this, in 
turn, creates opportunities. The magic happens when the world comes together to 
inspire change on a global scale, and that’s exactly the intent of Expo 2020 
Dubai. Therefore, we’re truly excited to be part of this project, to help 
people  make better informed choices that lead to positive change for the 

The project will be developed between now and October 2020, when Expo 
officially opens, in collaboration with  participating nations. A series of 
questions will then be placed across the Expo 2020 site, where data will be 
gathered and transformed into a factual analysis of our understanding and 
perception of the world around us.

Manal Al Bayat, Chief Community Engagement Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai said: “We 
are now just one year away from The World’s Greatest Show of human brilliance - 
one year away from bringing millions of people together with 192 participating 
nations, in the spirit of optimism, to understand the world around us, and to 
create and inspire people to build a better future.

“Our collaboration is part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s aim to drive positive and 
lasting change where it is most needed. That change cannot begin without us 
knowing more about the world around us, and with those we share it. We are 
thrilled to have Anna and Ola Rosling with us for such an important milestone, 
and we look forward to further developing the project ahead of opening next 

The Gapminder Foundation offers cost-free teaching material that allows people 
to develop a fact-based view on global society. The project aims to understand 
our knowledge of one another today. This reflects Expo’s optimistic purpose to 
connect millions from around the world to be inspired to create a better 
future. Working with Novus and IpsosMori, the Foundation polled 20,000 people 
in 31 countries. 

They found that when people were asked a series of eighteen questions about 
global trends such as average income levels, the number of people aged over 65, 
or how the global population is distributed across continents, the average 
respondent got just 2.9 questions right. 

By contrast, someone selecting one of three possible responses at random would 
be expected to score 6 out of 18. This difference demonstrates the extent to 
which people’s knowledge of wider world can be incorrect. 

Expo 2020 Dubai opens its doors to the public on 20 October, 2020. For more 
information, visit: 

Source: Expo 2020 Dubai