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Tuesday, December 03 2019 - 16:28
LANGRIA Sets off Local and Global Ambition in Atlanta Airport
ATLANTA, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

LANGRIA released a 15-second video to broadcast in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta 
International Airport (ATL), bringing its "Easy, Cozy, Homey" furnishing 
concept and design products to millions of global citizens. 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (IATA: ATL), the busiest 
airport in North America, provides the highest ad impressions per month. 
According to LANGRIA, "We appreciate this great opportunity working with ATL. 
We wish to say Hi to American users and to introduce ourselves to people across 
the world."

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Now leading with 20,000 positive reviews and a 3-digit growing rate, LANGRIA is 
going local in North America: a well-facilitated, and user-oriented area.

Established in 2015, LANGRIA has provided 3 million consumers with house 
decoration solutions - receiving 22 international patents, 8-digit turnover 
last year, and recently expert-recommended by United Airline's Hemisphere 

"Nearly 50 percent of our sales come from North America, and so far we are 
receiving very positive feedback from our users in America, Canada, and 
Mexico," said Una Tao, LANGRIA's Senior Branding Manager. "Our logistics 
service can guarantee a 2-to-7-days delivery from purchase in all states and 
said countries, which is crucial for home furnishings retail."


Aside from talking with local whole-sellers, LANGRIA is proud of its 100,000+ 
active fans in its social networks and is designing its products not for, but 
WITH its users. Buyers are invited not just to special sales on Cyber Monday, 
Christmas and New Year's Eve, but are taking part in the design process.

"Our users are the most creative people on earth, really," remarked Una 
excitedly, "They have suggested special hanging accessories to our cabinets and 
garment racks that are already on our production list, and we are having a 
thundering brainstorm together on LANGRIA's jewelry cabinet videos.

"A new entry-hall garment rack is being co-designed as well, which inspires us 
to start a Creative Co-designer Program in 2020. It's our honor to have more 
LANGRIA families to make things together!"


The United States remains the biggest market of furnishings retail in the 
world, and LANGRIA aims to serve more people across with this experience.

"LANGRIA is sold in over 200 countries and regions, as so far we can directly 
ship to North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. We are planning to make 
more warehouses and expand our logistics network," said Una. 


The product range of the home decor provider covers indoors furniture, outdoor 
furniture, home textiles, and decor accessories. Top-selling LANGRIA products 
including Makeup Jewelry Armoire Series, Hanging Rack Wardrobe and Memory Foam 
Pillow should deserve consumers' attention in this holiday season.

Driven by localization and global ambition and its "Easy, Cosy, Homey" value, 
LANGRIA has kept an innovative practice towards its product and services.

To learn more about LANGRIA's story, service, and events on Cyber Monday, 
Christmas and the New Year, visit