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The World’s Toughest Rowing Race – The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – Returns Bigger and Better Than Ever Before
SAN SEBASTIAN DE LA GOMERA, Spain, Dec. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet / --

To support the sponsorship and mark the moment, Talisker hosted a series of 
events ahead of the race including a Parley Ocean School for rowers, and a 
gathering of like-minded outdoor adventurers, explorers, rowers and ocean 
enthusiasts including British Adventurer, James Aiken, actor, Matt Smith and 
endurance athlete Ross Edgely at a remote wilderness experience, only 
accessible by sea.  

- The world's toughest rowing race - The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - 
returns for 2019 
- This will be the biggest fleet in race history as well as the highest number 
of female participants to ever compete 
- Over 100 rowers from around the world will embark on the 3000-mile journey 
across the Atlantic 
- Environmental organisation and collaboration network Parley for the Oceans 
were invited to host an ocean school for rowers 
- Ahead of the race, Talisker served up the ultimate wild adventure creating a 
unique remote island wilderness experience to celebrate the start of the 
Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 
- Only accessible by sea, the Talisker Wilderness experience left no trace and 
brought together a tribe of 'wild spirits' who share a passion for the ocean 
and adventure 
- Freshly foraged food was served up by a wild chef using film director Guy 
Ritchie's new fire table

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Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge returns for 2019; one of the world's most 
incredible challenges, a rowing race that sees participants travel over 3000 
miles from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to Nelson's Dockyard in Antigua. 
Every year, Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge inspires people all around the 
world, as it is truly an expedition made for the wildest of spirits; those that 
wish to challenge themselves in the toughest of adventures and that wish to 
take on a feat unthinkable to most.   

Over 100 rowers, who have taken up the challenge, set-off from San Sebastian de 
La Gomera this morning. Made up of thirty-five teams and individuals from all 
around the world, the rowers have spent months, even years, preparing for this 
epic adventure. Competitors will take to the sea, experiencing 40ft waves, 
changeable weather and living off powdered food in their incredible journey to 
the finish line. 

Each team and individual have their own motivations for embarking upon this 
challenge - some are rowing to raise awareness for ocean health - others are 
rowing to overcome adversity, among a multitude of other personal inspirations. 
Among this year's fleet are US team, Fight Oar Die, who have come together 
never having met before they signed up to compete. The four men from four 
different states in America are joined in their shared experiences in combat.

Speaking in La Gomera ahead of the race, Evan Stratton of Fight Oar Die, said: 
"In our team, we are all US Veterans, so not only were we personally motivated, 
but the collective call to bring awareness for Veteran issues is what got us in 
the boat together. Veterans definitely have a wild spirit that makes them duly 
capable of taking on this challenge - it's a huge advantage having a military 
background because we are used to being in an austere environment, so we don't 
have to overcome those kinds of mental challenges because we have been in them 
and thrived in them before."

Alongside them are German team - Rowhhome - a four women boat and the first 
ever German team to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.  
Speaking in La Gomera ahead of the race, Catharina Streit of Rowhhome said: "We 
are four women from Hamburg, coming together with a shared passion for 
adventure. We were inspired by the Four Mums On a Boat documentary (a 
documentary about four mothers from England who undertook the Talisker Whisky 
Atlantic Challenge) and we thought - if they can do it, we can do it. We hope 
to inspire others and show them that if you have a dream then you can achieve 

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Talisker is proud to be title sponsor for the sixth year. A challenge with a 
purpose, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is an inspirational event which 
draws out the wild spirit in everyday people to achieve extraordinary things.  
The oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, Talisker Single Malt 
Scotch is very much a product of its rugged, coastal home. As a whisky Made By 
The Sea, we want to do our part to protect our oceans, the most important 
ecosystem of our planet. In the week leading up to the race start, Talisker 
demonstrated their love for the ocean with the introduction of an Ocean School 
for all rowers hosted by Parley for the Oceans designed to educate, inspire and 
empower the next generation of ocean guardians.

The day before the race, Talisker served up the ultimate wild adventure 
creating a unique remote island wilderness experience. Only accessible by sea, 
it bought together a tribe of like-minded outdoor adventurers, explorers and 
ocean enthusiasts including Talisker Whisky Atlantic rowers, British 
Adventurer, James Aiken, friend of the brand Matt Smith and endurance athlete 
Ross Edgely all who shared their story of passion for adventure and love of the 

Guests enjoyed 'wild' Talisker cocktails created by Italian bartender, Giorgio 
Lupi, who was crowned the winner of Talisker's Wild Spirit Bartender 
competition. Wild foraged food was served and prepared over an open fire by 
Talisker's Wild Chef, on a FireTable, designed by film maker and friend of the 
brand, Guy Ritchie.  The innovative new dining experience is a celebration of 
outdoor cooking and encouraging togetherness with an innovative design that 
allows you to sit back and relax watching your food being beautifully cooked, 
whilst giving warmth to your gatherings for hours. 

Matt Smith, took time to take part in the experience and meet rowers ahead of 
the race.  "Thank you to Talisker for inviting me to part of the Talisker 
Whisky Atlantic Ocean Race.  The very fact anyone can row 3000 miles, let alone 
across the Atlantic feels unfathomable to me.  And yet 35 brave teams are about 
to do just that.  I'm thrilled to play a small part as I wish them bon voyage 
and a safe return over a whisky. May the best team win. Good luck!"

Natalia Montigny, Head of Global Marketing for Talisker commented: 

"For the sixth year, Talisker is proud to be title sponsor of the Talisker 
Whisky Atlantic Challenge - one of the world's most challenging and 
exhilarating adventures. Our founders, the MacAskill brothers, rowed from Eigg 
to Skye to found the Talisker Distillery in Scotland almost 200 years ago and 
so as a brand we share the same sense of passion and adventure as the 

It's been incredible to hear the rowers' stories first hand this week and share 
special moments with them and our tribe of wild spirited adventurers who joined 
us at the Talisker Wilderness Bar experience and other events this week.  We 
wish all rowers success as they undertake this incredible journey."

CEO of Atlantic Campaigns, Carsten Heron Olsen said:

"Everyone who takes this challenge on has a special spirit, a spirit that will 
enable them to achieve extraordinary things over the course of the race. We all 
have a bucket list of things in life that we challenge ourselves to try and 
accomplish - for the 103 rowers who leave the harbour this week this is a dream 
moment.  It's something they have all sacrificed a huge moment to prepare for - 
months and even years - and they will inspire millions of people with their 

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