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Friday, October 16 2020 - 00:58
The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA) share a special message on Global Handwashing Day
NEW DELHI, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

-  Collaborate with Savlon Swasth India to introduce the #NoHandUnwashed 

    The annual Global Handwashing day is unique in many ways this year. With 
the unprecedented situation arising due to the pandemic, hand hygiene has 
witnessed a significant increase in awareness and practise. However, with the 
unlock and easing of restrictions, many have relaxed their approach towards 
preventive hygiene and become a bit complacent about washing hands. The Mouth 
and Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA) in collaboration with Savlon 
Swasth India begins a handwashing movement with #NoHandUnwashed. 

    Hand hygiene is regarded as one of the most important elements to prevent 
spread of infection. #NoHandUnwashed reiterates the significance and 
acknowledges that hygiene is non-discriminatory. MFPA, India with Savlon Swasth 
India Mission, celebrates this year's global theme of hand hygiene for all in a 
unique and inspiring collaboration. 

    Ms. Swapna Augustine, a celebrated foot artist of MFPA, India presents a 
thought-provoking perspective to unveil the #NoHandUnwashed movement. As the 
protagonist, Ms. Augustine delivers a powerful and inspiring message. Being 
differently abled doesn't constraint an artist from practicing good 
hand-hygiene and a glimpse through her everyday life reinforces the same. The 
film evokes an emotional response to the simple appeal to imbibe and make 
washing hands a habit. 

    Watch the film here:

    This partnership is a step forward in reiterating the culture of hand 
hygiene for a healthier nation and augments the core belief of Savlon Swasth 
India Mission to continue encouraging behavioural change towards washing hands. 
10 celebrated mouth and foot artists across India are creating their unique 
interpretation of the #NoHandUnwashed movement and this will be showcased on 
social platforms beginning the 15th of October. Savlon Swasth India is 
supporting the artists' collective and also contributing towards MFPA, India's 
artist training foundation with resources. 

    Speaking on this unique approach to encourage the habit of washing hands, 
Mr. Bobby Thomas, Country head of MFPA, India said, "This is a first and we are 
happy that we have collaborated with a committed programme like Savlon Swasth 
India Mission to share a different perspective this Global Handwashing Day. 
MFPA community of artists are united with the rest of the world in this fight 
against the pandemic and encourage everyone to make washing hands an 
irreplaceable habit. This beautifully expressed film, underlines the importance 
of washing hands for all." 

    Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive, Personal Care Products 
Business, ITC Limited, added, "The artists at MFPA are incredibly talented and 
this collaboration strengthens Savlon Swasth India's mission to educate, 
encourage and inspire behavioural change towards washing hands. Be it creating 
the globally recognised Healthy hands chalk sticks to encourage a habit of 
washing hands in children or introducing the first ever Braille enabled packs 
to ensure ease of access, Savlon Swasth India is committed to building an 
equitable world. #NoHandUnwashed continues this inclusive and supportive 
journey to make hand hygiene a priority for all."

    Mouth& Foot Artists Association (MFPA)

    The MFPA is an International Association of disabled artists, who due to a 
disability to their hands, create art with their mouth or feet. With over 800 
artists across 74 countries, the Association serves as a platform to provide 
its members a unique opportunity to earn an independent, honest and secure 
livelihood through the sale of their artwork. For more information you can 

    Savlon Swasth India Mission:

    The Savlon Swasth India Mission programme by ITC has been a front runner in 
driving behavioural change towards handwashing and hygiene since its inception 
in 2016.  It has reached over 15,000 schools in 82 cities and nearly 5.6 
million children with its innovative outreach. The ongoing program has 
delivered measurable success in effectiveness to help inculcate hand hygiene 
habits in primary school children. With innovation in design and communication 
at its core, ITC Savlon has initiated numerous initiatives over the years like 
the Savlon Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks and Savlon ID Guard to educate and 
encourage hand hygiene. 

    Press Contact: 
    Saheli Chatterjee 
    ITC Limited 


    Source: ITC Limited