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Monday, April 19 2021 - 12:23
The Grand Celebration in Changjiang, Hainan Province to Welcome the Chinese Traditional Festival of Sanyuesan
HAIKOU, China, April. 19, 2021 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

April 14, 2021 is the third day of the third month in the Chinese lunar 
calendar which is also a traditional festival of the Li and Miao ethnic groups. 
Changjiang Li Autonomous County, located in the northwest of Hainan Free Trade 
Port, has held a series of activities to attract tourists across China to 
experience the customs of the Li and Miao ethnic groups in Hainan.

According to the Changjiang Media Convergence Centre, on April 15 to 16, 
Changjiang Li Autonomous County also held the Li and Miao original ecological 
folk song antiphon, Li brocade and Miao embroidery skill competition, ethnic 
bonfire night, Wangxia Township - Li Hua Li tourism experience, pottery 
experience, etc.

The annual "Sanyuesan" is a cultural custom handed down for thousands of years 
by the Li and Miao people in Hainan which is a traditional festival for them to 
mourn their ancestors, celebrate the new birth, praise life, eulogize heroes 
and pursue love among young men and women.

Changjiang Li Autonomous County, as the main venue of 2021 Hainan Li and Miao 
traditional festival "Sanyuesan" celebration activities, held interesting 
sports on April 14, park entertainment, hitting coconut with stick and other 
ethnic minority traditional sports, attracting a large number of tourists to 
enjoy with cheering.

Changjiang is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and unique culture of 
ethnic minorities in Hainan. In Changjiang, you can not only enjoy Changjiang 
Qiong Opera, Li folk songs and the unique local culture -- village songs, but 
also visit the 205 scenic spots. Among them, Changjiang Rainbowstone Bay and 
Bawangling Natural Reserve are listed in the 17 key scenic spots in Hainan. In 
addition, there are the Qiantie Cave, a human site of 20,000 years ago, the 
Boat House Tribe in Hongshui Village of Wangxia Township, the Emperor Cave, the 
Temple of King Junling, the Ancient City of Changhua, etc.

Source: Changjiang Media Convergence Centre

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