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Friday, May 21 2021 - 19:43
The Capital of Grand Canal: the city with ecological cultural tourism
HUAI'AN, China, May 21, 2021/Xinhua-AsiaNet/ --

The ancient city Huai'an, located on the banks of the Grand Canal in China, is 
a prosperous place. Canals, food... Huai'an, a city with unique cultural 
heritage, attracts tourists from all over the world, visiting the city of water 

As an important hub city connecting the Yangtze River, Huai River, and Yellow 
River by the Grand Canal, Huai'an was once a water and salt transport hub in 
history, and is known as the "Canal Capital". The Huai'an section of the Grand 
Canal is 68 kilometers long and includes 93 heritage areas, river courses and 
heritage sites. Huai'an strengthens the construction of the Grand Canal 
Cultural Belt and promotes the transformation from "geographical space" to 
"cultural space".

Huai'an has created an ecological corridor for green development, making the 
Grand Canal as golden passage to open up "green mountains" and "golden 

Huai'an is a city floating on water. "Water" is the soul, and "nature" is the 
advantage. Huai'an continues to promote the construction of the Li Canal 
Cultural Corridor and the Grand Canal Scenic Belt, building an urban pattern of 
"ecological connection between city and water". The four rivers of the Grand 
Canal, the Li Canal, the Ancient Huai River and the Salt River run through the 
city, and the five lakes are inlaid. Huai'an has injected elements such as 
green, water, and culture into all links of the tourism development, turning 
"green mountains are golden mountains" into a vivid practice.

Huai'an is the hometown of Wu Cheng'en, the author of novel "Journey to the 
West". Huai'an has deeply promoted the culture of the novel and innovated to 
create local IP. Huai'an Xiyou Group is one of the producers of " Monkey King: 
Hero is Back ". With its good reputation in the world, the world can have a 
deeper understanding of culture and Huai'an. With the chapter Dragon Palace in 
"Journey to the West", Huai'an has built a marine park. It become one of the 
most important theme parks in the summer.

Huai'an has deeply cultivated the culture, focusing on building a theme park, 
using the plots of novel and present it in multiple dimensions with new 
technology, showing the perseverance of innovation in Huai'an.

SOURCE: The Publicity Department of Huai'an Municipal People's Government

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   Caption: Night scenery of Huai'an