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Monday, July 12 2021 - 17:58
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Sanya Ranks Fourth Among All Trending Destinations on the Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice List
SANYA, China, July 12, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Tripadvisor, the world's leading travel platform, recently released the 2021 
Travelers' Choice awards. Sanya won the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best 
Trending Destinations -- World for the first time, ranking fourth among all 
destinations on the list.

As an authoritative award in the tourism industry, the Travelers' Choice list 
embodies the wisdom and experience of global travelers, reflecting the quality, 
service level and value proposition of the winners. Among them, the Travelers' 
Choice Best of the Best awards are the highest honor Tripadvisor bestows. The 
winners are calculated based on hundreds of millions of reviews and opinions 
collected over the past year from travelers and diners around the world on 
Tripadvisor, representing the top 1% of all entrants in a specific award 

In recent years, as one of the most popular domestic travel destinations for 
Chinese vacationers, Sanya becomes worthy of the "trending destination" 
distinction with the addition of the free trade port, the favorable tax-free 
policy, as well as a series of themed activities launched by the Sanya Tourism 
Promotion Board, setting a benchmark for travel destinations across the country 
and even worldwide in line with the post-pandemic recovery of the tourism 
sector and the economy in general.

As for the tourism promotion work that led to the winning of the honor, the 
Sanya Tourism Promotion Board has taken an innovative approach to explore how 
culture and tourism can be integrated in an appealing manner, proactively 
inviting facilities developers known for their excellence in various fields to 
collaborate with Sanya, and expanding the brand that is Sanya to be much more 
inclusive and multi-dimensional in terms of value proposition, lifestyle and 
travel. The efforts have created a new benchmark for what it means to be the 
place that vacationers would like to flock to, all while enhancing the stature 
of Sanya as a tourism destination to be taken seriously not only domestically 
but globally as well.

After an in-depth analysis of the Sanya tourism market, and comparing it 
against the most up-to-date expectations and preferences of today's travelers, 
the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board rolled out the Youth Wonderland Sanya 
campaign, directed towards Millennials and members of Generation Z (ages 
18-35), replete with theme elements more in line with the targeted demographic. 
The campaign proved quite successful in attracting members of the targeted 
audiences and, recently, took home the silver award in the Cultural Tourism IP 
category at the IAI Festival and Travel Awards.

The garnering of the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Trending Destinations — 
World this time not only reflects the growing affection that global travelers 
have for Sanya, now clearly worthy of the "international tropical coastal 
tourist destination" appellation, but also fully demonstrates the positive 
contribution that the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board has made in the creation 
and promotion of city's trending destination image.

Sanya is actively working on upgrading regional tourism support facilities, in 
expectation of and in order to welcome the next wave of travelers from near and 
afar, all of whom have chosen the destination for its comfortable environment, 
outstanding support facilities and excellent tourism services. The Sanya 
Tourism Promotion Board plans to continue leveraging everything that the 
internet, the traffic generated via the internet and big data have to offer 
with the aim of driving Sanya's young, international and fashionable 
development, further enhancing Sanya's international competitiveness from all 
aspects and continuing to welcome visitors from the four corners of the globe.

Source: Sanya Tourism Promotion Board