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Tuesday, July 13 2021 - 07:00
Recreational Red Alert! 61% of Australians Don't Have a Holiday Booked for the Next Six Months!
SYDNEY, Australia, July 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- Hipcamp's 2021 Holiday Survey spotlights Australians' need for an escape - 
and soon.

Hipcamp ( 
), the world's largest provider of outdoor stays, is on a mission to help 
Australians win winter by booking more nature-based holidays. The company 
surveyed 1,000 Australians coast-to-coast to create a clear picture of current 
attitudes toward camping and understand more about upcoming holiday plans.

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Key findings of the survey:

    -- Australians (really) need a holiday - Fully 61% of Australians say
       they have NOT booked a holiday for the next six months! 
    -- Australians are 'Meh' on Staycations - Although nearly a quarter
      (24%) of Australians cite staycations as the most viable holiday
       plan for the next six months, no one seems too excited about them.
       Asked if they thought a staycation could 'actually bring them joy'
       in the next six months, 37.2% of Australians said 'No' and 31.9% said
       'Meh,' definitively showing a combined national total of 69.1% of 
       Australians who simply aren't staycation inspired. 

Men (48.7%) and women (51.3%) are nearly united in their mutual lack of 
excitement for staycations. 

    -- It's actually much worse than we thought - It's been so long since
       some Australians have had a 'legit' holiday, that over a quarter
      (29.3%) say that they 'can't remember' the last time they actually
       took one. Interestingly, 19% say they had a holiday just before 
       COVID and 16.7% say their last holiday was 2 years ago, meaning a
       combined total of 35.7% of Australians haven't had a vacation for 15
       to 24 months. 
    -- Australians (might) hate their neighbours … but they definitely hate
       their mortgages - Asked what/who they would 'camp to escape from the 
       most,' 29.7% said their neighbours, surprisingly followed by their 
       mortgage at 22.6%, their kids (15.6%), and their siblings at 12.7%.
       Happily, only 10.8% would want to escape from their romantic partners
       and only 8.6% want to escape their parents.

Hipcamp, as an international leader in camping, caravanning, and glamping, also 
polled Australians about which celebrities they'd most like to camp with (given 
the chance).

Celebrity 'citings':

    -- (Practically) no one thinks Kylie Minogue can light a campfire - 
       Asked which female celebrity they thought would be the least successful
       in starting a campfire, over a quarter of Australians (27%) said Kylie
       Minogue. She was closely followed by Pauline Hanson (24.3%), Rebel
       Wilson (15.2%), Olivia Newton-John (12.3%) and Margot Robbie (12.2%).
       Australians are most confident that Naomi Watts has campfire skills,
       with 99.1% believing she could successfully start one. 
    -- But they'd be happy to wake up in a tent with her … Asked which female
       celebrity they'd most like to wake up to in a tent, 25.3% said Kylie 
       Minogue, followed closely by Rebel Wilson (22.9%), Olivia Newton-John
      (20.7%), and Naomi Watts (15%). Kath Day-Knight (9.3%) and Pauline
       Hanson (6.8%) ranked lowest. 
    -- Over a third of Australians are pretty sure Clive Palmer can't start
       a campfire! - Asked which male celebrity they thought would be 'least 
       effective' in starting a campfire, 34.1% said Clive Palmer, followed by
       PM Scott Morrison (18.1%), Ian Thorpe (17.7%), Rusell Coight (13.7%),
       Chris Hemsworth (10.1%) and Hugh Jackman (6.3%). 
    -- And they don't want to wake up in a tent with him either - Asked what 
       male celebrity they'd most like to 'wake up with - in a tent,' only
       3.1% of Australians said Clive Palmer. Topping the list were Hugh
       Jackman (34%), Chris Hemsworth (33.7%), Russell Coight (18.7%),
       Scott Morrison (6.3%) and Ian Thorpe (4.2%)

Please refer to this as a Hipcamp survey in ALL media coverage. 

Hipcamp and COVID-19
To comply with local travel restrictions, Hipcamp offers full credit for any 
cancellations related to COVID-19 lockdowns. The company is also discouraging 
international travel at this time. 

Hipcamp has also implemented COVID-19 safety guidelines to ensure hosts, 
campers, and local communities are protected and recreating responsibly. These 
guidelines include encouragement to practice social distancing, travel in small 
groups, and book zero contact stays. Hipcamp also requires hosts to abide by 
vigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols.  

About Hipcamp

Founded in 2013, Hipcamp ( 
) is the world's largest provider of outdoor stays. It gives a growing 
community of good-natured people the opportunity to list, discover, and book 
unique outdoor experiences. By connecting people with the land and each other, 
Hipcamp works to support those who care about nature. The fully remote company 
has offices in Australia, the United States, and Canada, and to date has helped 
people spend more than 3 million nights under the stars. When listing on 
Hipcamp, farmers, ranchers, vintners, and other landowners generate new 
revenuestreams to conserve their land and keep it wild.

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