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Friday, July 23 2021 - 23:33
GWM POER Lure International Championship Closes, Creating All-scenario Life
BAODING, China, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

On July 16, the first match of the 2021 GWM POER Lure International 
Championship closed successfully. The Championship attracted many 
highly-skilled Lure contestants and audiences from various circles of interest. 
Covered by more than 350 media and live-streamed across the Internet, the 
Championship became a hit.

Lure fishing started in North America and has become a global popular 
competitive sport after 40 years' development. It is loved by fishing 
enthusiasts. Lure enthusiasts have to carry professional equipment and Lure 
boats and trek over mountains and water. Therefore, pickups that can go 
off-road, tow and load should be a must-have for them. GWM POER's independent 
and open trunk is perfect for placing items and can easily tow a Lure boat 
anywhere. Able to be placed steadily in 700mm of water, GWM POER is a 
considerate product in the eyes of Lure enthusiasts. GWM POER has sponsored the 
Lure International Championship for two consecutive years. Its vehicle support 
for Lure contestants has been highly recognized.

As the NEXT-Gen Smart Safety Pickup, GWM POER adopts a user-centric approach 
and explores different circles to make its product an intimate all-scenario 
companion. Besides Lure, GWM POER has also probed into eight outdoor circles 
around the world, including cross-country activities, expeditions and camping, 
showing its all-scenario hardcore performance, and bringing infinite 
possibilities of diversified lifestyles to global users.

Equipped with three differential locks, crawling mode, tank U-turn, 7 
all-terrain driving modes and other comprehensive off-road devices, GWM POER 
beat bad road conditions with ease during the Mount Everest Elevation Survey. 
The journey was tested by rain, snow, fog and other complicated weather. GWM 
POER crossed the snow-and-ice roads on the Kya Wu Lha Pass at 5,200 meters 
above sea level with 108 turns in Mount Everest National Park, paying tribute 
to the climber's spirit. GWM POER invited well-known commentators Ahmed Al 
Shehri and Hani Daghustani to drive across oases, deserts and castles in Saudi 
Arabia to highlight its powerful trafficability, extrication and loading power 
under the exotic charm. GWM POER, combining muscular vehicle body, smart 
technology, hardcore performance and high safety, restored the multiple 
dimensions of life with tents and motorcycles in South Africa and linked user 
emotions through the integration of scenario-based activities and life. In the 
future, GWM POER will also be fully integrated into the South African pickup 
culture through a series of sponsored joint activities across the sea fishing, 
cycling and camping circles.

Since its launch, GWM POER has accumulated tens of thousands of users and is 
highly recognized by the market. It has won the Chilean "Best Pickup of the 
Year", "The Car of the Year" issued by media authorities in Australia and New 
Zealand and other authoritative awards in succession. In the future, GWM POER 
will continue to optimize its products, innovate its usage scenarios, and 
create a cooler product experience for global users.


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   Caption: GWM POER Lure International Championship Closes, Creating 
All-scenario Life