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Friday, September 24 2021 - 10:00
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Hitachi LG Data Storage Launches Clip Mobile Charger Pack, a licensed product for BTS Character Brand TinyTAN!
TOKYO, Sept. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Hitachi-LG Data Storage (HLDS) announced that it will release the licensed 
product 'Clip Mobile Charger Pack' of BTS Characters Brand "TinyTAN" today. 

TinyTAN Clip Mobile Charger Pack, which has received enthusiastic responses 
since its product was released on HLDS' official social media on September 3, 
was finally released today.

The "TinyTAN Clip Mobile Charger Pack" is a special package consisting of 
various smartphone accessories such as "Clip," a fully wireless portable 
battery product introduced at HLDS, and "iRing," a Finger Ring, and allows the 
battery to be freely detached by attaching a plate to the back of the 

Among battery products that support wireless charging, Qi certification is 
rare, so it can be safely charged with various smartphones, high-speed wireless 
charging is also supported, and even smartphones that do not support wireless 
charging can be charged using cables. In addition, using the metal clip of the 
battery product, you can hang it at a desired location or charge your 
smartphone while watching various videos from any angle in the landscape view 

In addition, the package includes a keyring designed with the motif of BTS' 
first Billboard No. 1 song Dynamite, a wrist strap of the TinyTAN logo, and a 
sticker of various designs that allows you to decorate the product according to 
your taste, so you can use accessories in various ways.

The "TinyTAN Clip Mobile Charger Pack" has two editions, a white edition that 
emphasizes neat and simpleness and a character edition that emphasizes color, 
and is available on Amazon and Yodobashi Camera from September 24. 

Meanwhile, HLDS continues to announce the release of other related products in 
addition to this product, raising consumer expectations. 

More detailed information on the 'TinyTAN Clip Mobile Charger Pack' can be 
found on the official website of Hitachi-LG data Storage.

Source: Hitachi-LG Data Storage