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MILAN, October 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

The wait is over: from 28th to 30th October S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 
will welcome to Milan all those who share its belief in the transformative 
power of taste for the Grand Finale of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 
2019-2021 competition. Involving 48 young chef Regional Winners and 12 mentor 
chefs, the event will last 3 days and will include the cooking competition as 
well as several new educational and networking activities culminating on the 
final day with the new S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum 
followed by the Competition Awards Ceremony.

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Stefano Bolognese, Sanpellegrino International Business Unit Director: "We are 
excited to welcome the international Gastronomy community to Milan. One year 
ago, we launched the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, as an inspiring community 
where talented young chefs connect with the most influential members of the 
gastronomic world, and are empowered with a plan of education, mentoring and 
experience opportunities. The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy competition is 
one of the key activities of the project and the primary tool that we have to 
reinforce our commitment: stimulate and nurture meaningful creativity, able to 
push a continuous evolution within not only the Gastronomy sector, but also the 
whole society. It's what has made the Grand Finale, that we are going to live 
together, such an important date for us and in the global culinary calendar, 


This edition of the competition was more impressive than ever, seeing 
applicants from all over the world to take part. With S.Pellegrino's commitment 
towards gender balance and inclusivity, the percentage of women registered 
among the candidates increased to more than 10% since 2015. All over the globe, 
135 young chefs passed the preliminary selections and took part in live 
cook-offs in front of international jury panels from the participating 
countries of the 12 regions. 
The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy regional winners arrive at the Grand Finale 
after a mentorship path during which, thanks to the support of a Senior Chef, 
they were able to refine their signature dishes.

The 12 regions and the respective S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy winners are:

1.	Jose Lorenzo Morales, Melbourne, Australia, Pacific Region – "Analogy" 
2.	Kevin Wong Tat Mun, Singapore, Singapore, Asia Region – "Celebration of a 
3.	Albert Manso Miras, Barcelona, Spain, Iberian & Mediterranean Region – 
"Quail and Wine" 
4.	Cynthia Xrysw Ruelas Diaz, Guadalajara, Mexico, Latin America Region – 
"Milpa y Mar" 
5.	Levente Koppány, Budapest, Hungary, Central Europe Region – "Rainbow trout 
with chervil, forest mushrooms and wild garlic" 
6.	Vitalii Savelev, Moscow, Russian Federation, Euro Asia Region – "Black Sea 
Rapa with mushrooms grown on lemon peels" 
7.	Alexandre Alves Pereira, Paris, France, North West Europe Region – "Green 
asparagus, sardine, ground ivy" 
8.	Paul Thinus Prinsloo, Cape Town, South Africa, Africa & Middle East Region – 
"Bouillabaisse 2.0" 
9.	Alessandro Bergamo, Milan, Italy, Italy & South East Region – "Better an egg 
today or a chicken tomorrow?" 
10.	Rafael Covarrubias, Oakville, Canada, North America Region – "Mole Negro 
spiced muscovy duck, preserved prune, and winter roots" 
11.	Jerome Ianmark Calayag, Stockholm, Sweden, UK & North Europe Region – 
"Humble vegetables" 
12.	Victor/Zhi Cheng Wang, Shanghai, China, Greater China Region – "What is soy 
in China"


At the Grand Finale, the selected young chefs will cook in front of the Seven 
Sages, an esteemed jury panel made up of seven world renowned chefs, who will 
judge their dishes to find the final winner of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 
Academy 2019-2021 competition. 
The prestigious line-up of big-name chefs will be composed by seven chefs from 
around the world: Enrico Bartolini, Manu Buffara, Andreas Caminada, Mauro 
Colagreco, Gavin Kaysen, Clare Smyth and Pim Techamuanvivit. The jurors will be 
judging the finalists based on three key attributes – technical skills, 
creativity, and personal belief – as well as the candidates' potential to 
create positive change in society through food. The chef who displays these 
attributes most successfully will be crowned the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 
Academy 2021 winner.

In addition, this year's culinary journey will also host a one-day S.Pellegrino 
Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum curated by Fine Dining Lovers, the online 
leading voice in gastronomy by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna. "Brain Food" will 
host Massimo Bottura, Virgilio Martinez and the Seven Sages as speakers. 
Sharing their experiences and opinions, the guests will inspire all the young 
chefs and real food enthusiasts who attend the event, with ideas and 
reflections related to the world of gastronomy. 


This year's competition introduced three new awards to reflect S.Pellegrino's 
belief in and support of the transformative power of gastronomy and its impact 
beyond the kitchen. These awards were available at the Regional level and all 
of the 36 winners of these awards will also be invited to attend the Grand 
Finale, affording them another opportunity to network with some of the biggest 
names in gastronomy from around the globe.

The three awards that complement the existing S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 
award are:

1. Acqua Panna Award for Connection in Gastronomy

This award will be voted for by the 12 mentors, one from each region, and will 
go to the chef whose signature dish best reflects the perfect connection 
between different cultures. The purpose of the award is to emphasize the 
growing trend in global gastronomy of "Chefs without Borders".

2. S.Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility

This award will be decided by an internationally recognized voice on 
sustainability in food, selecting the chef who puts forward the dish that best 
represents the principle of food as a result of socially responsible practices.

3. Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thought Award

This award will be voted for by the online Fine Dining Lovers community, 
foodies, chefs and fans of gastronomy all over the world, and will be awarded 
to the young chef who best represents his/her personal belief within his/her 

S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Grand Finale 2021 highlights will be available 
on S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy and Fine Dining Lovers channels. To discover 
more about the exciting talent search please visit:  

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