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Wednesday, October 13 2021 - 21:25
EdHeroes Global Movement Is Expanding to Indonesia and Asia, Aiming At Creating The New Paradigm of the World of Education
JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes in all areas of our daily 
life, including the world of education. Schools, universities and educational 
institutions are urged to make adjustments in carrying out teaching methods and 
learning activities. However, as we enter the second year of the COVID-19 
pandemic, half of the student population at the global level is still affected 
by school went remote which have the potential to cause the loss of student 
learning processes. Not only students, parents and families also face a number 
of challenges. In addition, the development of the digital world and the rapid 
flow of information add to the rapid pace of disruption in the world of 
education, which gradually makes the world become more and more borderless. 
Then the question arises: Are we really ready for it? 

Launched in September 2021, the EdHeroes Movement 
[] aims to create a global network of 
individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, and government 
organizations, bringing together their diverse set of resources in order to 
explore and actualize fundamentally new solutions to the challenges education 
is facing worldwide. Its Advisory Board includes Cecilia Vaca Jones from 
Bernard van Leer Foundation (Netherlands), Suchetha Bhat [] 
from Dream a Dream (India), Boris Bulayev 
[] from Educate (USA), 
Conrad Wolfram [] from Wolfram Research (UK), 
Peter Vesterbacka [] from Fun Academy (Finland), 
Francisco J. Marmolejo 
[] from Qatar Foundation 
(Mexico), Karen Giles [] from 
Varkey Foundation (UK), Shaun Conway [] from 
ixo Foundation (Switzerland), Mary Falk de Losada 
[] from World Federation 
of National Mathematics Competitions (Colombia), and other leading figures in 

Suchetha Bhat said, "Children today are facing an unprecedented crisis across 
the world and our education systems are not equipping them to tackle the 
challenges that society is encountering. It is time to reimagine the purpose of 
education towards thriving, so that children – especially from marginalized 
backgrounds – can flourish in this fast-changing and unpredictable world. This 
can only be possible when people and communities from across the world come 
together to collaborate and commit to a new paradigm in education that benefits 
all students, irrespective of their backgrounds and social identities. This is 
the potential of the EdHeroes Movement." Boris Bulyaev added: "Educate! 
believes in the power of collaboration: from our own teams co-designing and 
delivering solutions for youth with governments, schools, and young people 
themselves to the innovations made possible as we partner with other 
nonprofits, businesses, researchers, and thought leaders in education. The 
EdHeroes Movement is an incredibly important approach to addressing the complex 
challenges of our sector. Only together can we meet the needs of today and 
drive the most impact for children, youth, and families." Moreover, according 
to Cecilia Vaca Jones, "The pandemic has showcased how quickly a range of 
stakeholders can adapt, with empathy, agility and creativity. EdHeroes Movement 
will support ensure continuous action to promote access to all opportunities 
that can help young children thrive. We look forward with hope to working 
together for healthier and fairer future specially for babies, toddlers and 
caregivers." Conrad Wolfram said: "Computers have revolutionised the 
functioning of our societies, except in education. I'm pleased to be part of 
EdHeroes' drive to change this – not only to improve how but reset what 
students learn for the AI age."

As a global movement, EdHeroes is expanding to Asia with Indonesia as the first 
host country to open the EdHeroes series in other Asian countries such as 
Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Japan, India, Taiwan, and 
Turkey. EdHeroes Forum Asia: Indonesia Chapter [] will be 
held in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 16, 2021, which will present speakers 
from various parts of the world, such as Osama Obeidat, QRTA (Jordan), Harry 
Patrinos, World Bank Education (USA), Fabien Roudier, IGSC (Japan), Angkie 
Yudistia, Special Advisor to The President of Indonesia, and more. 

Combining the fundamental values of families, discussion and dissemination of 
policies and regulations, to the thoughts of education activists and youth 
icons who are always active in promoting literacy, the Forum is expected to 
become a forum for parents, students, educators, non-profit organizations, 
entrepreneurs engaged in the field of education, philanthropy, and governments 
in various countries to jointly create a better global education ecosystem. 

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Source: EdHeroes Foundation