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Thursday, October 14 2021 - 19:00
Global Energy Prize holds award ceremony for its laureates from Greece, Italy, Russia and USA
MOSCOW, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

The Global Energy Association's gala ceremony 
( ) took place in Moscow 
at the Russian Energy Week forum.

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Owing to Covid restrictions, the gala prize award ceremony for 2020 was 
postponed until 2021.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak presented the prizes to the 2020 
and 2021  Global Energy Prize laureates. The ceremony was chaired by the 
President of the Global Energy  Association, Sergey Brilev.

Here are the names of the 2021 laureates.

Zinfer Ismagilov (Russia) was a laureate in the "Conventional Energy" 
nomination for his  contribution to the chemistry of carbon materials, 
heterogeneous catalysis, and climate action.

Suleyman Allakhverdiev (Russia) was a laureate in the "Non-conventional energy" 
nomination  for his outstanding contribution to the development of alternative 
energy, scientific achievements  in the design of artificial photosynthesis 
systems, a cycle of scientific works in the field of  bioenergy and hydrogen 

Yi Cui (USA) was a laureate in the "New ways of energy application" nomination 
for his  exceptional contributions in nanomaterials design, synthesis and 
characterisation for energy and  the environment, particularly for 
transformational innovations in battery science.

Here are the names of the 2020 laureates.

Carlo Rubbia (Italy) was a laureate in the "Conventional Energy" nomination for 
the promotion  of sustainability of energy use in the field of nuclear waste 
and natural gas pyrolysis. 

Peidong Yang (USA) was a laureate in the "Non-Conventional Energy" nomination 
for  pioneering invention of nanoparticle-based solar cell and artificial 

Nikolaos Hatziargyriou (Greece) was a laureate in the "New Ways of Energy 
Application"  nomination for his contribution to the stability of power grid 
systems by pioneering smart and  microgrid systems by using artificial 

"In today's world, energy is one of the foundations of socio-economic 
development," Alexander  Novak said in his address during the ceremony. "And 
that is why scientific discoveries in this field affect the future path to be 
taken in the development of out entire civilisation. It is in this regard that 
the Global Energy Prize is becoming a landmark event which reflects not just 
the future of the fuel and energy complex, but humankind as a whole."

SOURCE: The Global Energy Association