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Monday, November 22 2021 - 21:58
Introducing Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour
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TODAY, Johnnie Walker launches a new extremely rare Scotch celebrating the fine 
art of whisky making - Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour. 

This exceptional Scotch is crafted from the finest maturing whiskies in the 
Johnnie Walker reserves, all of the whiskies used to create Johnnie Walker 
Masters of Flavour are aged for at least 48 years and only 288 bottles will be 
released - an extremely limited run of an incredibly rare Scotch. 

Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge says: "It is fascinating to craft a 
Scotch that pays tribute to each of the four main steps in whisky making - 
malting, distilling, cask maturation and blending - to shine a light on how 
each craft contributes something very special to the extraordinary flavours 
that Scotch has to offer, from grain to glass."

In one of his final releases before he retires at the end of the year, Jim 
brought together three masters of the whisky world who he has worked with over 
many years, Malt Master - Donna Anderson, Cask Master - James Carson and 
Distillation Master - Douglas Murray, to create something that paid tribute to 
the skill of whisky making. 

"This incredible blend showcases how masters of the art of whisky making 
combine generations of Scotch knowledge and craftmanship with their own 
expertise of malting, distillation, cask maturation and, of course, blending, 
to create a truly exceptional Scotch."

Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour is the third and final whisky in the Johnnie 
Walker Masters series of extremely rare Scotch.

The series includes last year's incredible Johnnie Walker Master's Ruby 
Reserve, a celebration of Jim Beveridge's 30 years working in whisky. Before 
that, the John Walker Masters' Edition, was a whisky crafted using Scotch aged 
for a minimum of 50 years from distilleries that were operational during the 
lifetime of Johnnie Walker founder John Walker. All three are presented in a 
Baccarat crystal decanter within a bespoke oak cabinet.

For Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour, Jim worked closely with his team of 
expert whisky makers, to hand select fleetingly rare expressions from the 
iconic "ghost" distilleries of Glyn Albyn, Port Dundas, Brora* and Glenury 
Royal, balancing them perfectly together with the iconic distilleries of 
Cameronbridge, Blair Athol and Dalwhinnie. 

Jim adds: "By nurturing close relationships with malt, distillation, and cask 
masters throughout Scotland, a blend master contributes to creating a unique 
collaboration of craftmanship in service of making exceptional Scotch, these 
are relationships that we have nurtured through 30 years of working in whisky. 
It's an honour to pay tribute to those experts."  

On the nose, Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour, has a soft and gentle smoke, 
reminiscent of seaweed and salty air, gives way to rich dried fruits. Notes of 
molasses linger with leather-bound books before smoke gently weaves back though 
the senses.

These aromas give way to rich fruit flavours bursting with currants before a 
gentle spice starts to build on the palate. Cinnamon-infused apples combine 
with star anise, crushed peppercorn and warming oak embers, enveloped in waves 
of baked caramel and rich butterscotch before culminating in a gentle and 
warming smoke in the finish.

Johnnie Walker Masters Of Flavour has an ABV of 41.8% and a RRSP of GBP 20,000 
in the UK (including duties and taxes).  

* While a new, modern distillery has recently opened on the site of the old 
Brora distillery and is called Brora, the whiskies it will in time produce will 
be very different to those laid down decades ago in the original Brora 
Distillery that closed its doors in 1983.

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SOURCE: Johnnie Walker