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Monday, April 04 2022 - 23:48
ClimeCo Partners with YAKOPI and PUR Projet for 6,000 Acre Mangrove Reforestation Project in Indonesia, Bolstering the Ecology and Economy of the Region
BOYERTOWN, Pa., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

ClimeCo ( 
), a leader in developing and managing environmental commodities, announces a 
partnership with YAKOPI (Yayasan Konservasi Persisir Indonesia) and PUR Projet 
for the reforestation of 6,000 acres of vital mangroves in the Aceh and North 
Sumatra Regions of Indonesia.

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Mangroves sequester three to five times the amount of carbon as regular 
forests. Indonesia is home to over 20% of the world's mangroves. Over the past 
three decades, 40% of Indonesia's mangroves have been lost due to shrimp and 
fish aquaculture, leaving many former shrimp ponds abandoned and local 
communities with little access to economic opportunities. The North Sumatra 
region has lost 60% of its pristine mangroves due to aquaculture, putting 
coastal resilience, biodiversity, and wildlife habitats at enormous risk. In 
the Aceh region, a substantial amount of its mangroves were lost due to a 
tsunami in 2004.

ClimeCo will fund the reforestation of these mangroves by selling the resulting 
third-party verified carbon credits and implementing the project through their 
local partnerships with YAKOPI and PUR Projet. This investment supports 
gender-equitable employment, ecosystem services payment to local communities, 
ecotourism business development, and a pilot program for locals to implement 
silvofisheries - a form of sustainable aquaculture.

"The improved livelihoods of the local communities and the long-term success of 
this mangrove reforestation project are interdependent, and this project 
achieves both," says ClimeCo Program Development Manager David Chen. 

About our Partners:

    -- YAKOPI is a local Indonesia group dedicated to restoring mangroves and 
       providing employment opportunities for local women and youth. Directed 
       by Eling Tuhono, YAKOPI are experts and local leaders in mangrove 
       restoration and will be responsible for managing many logistical aspects 
       of the program on the ground.
    -- PUR Projet is a certified B Corporation that specializes in designing 
       and implementing agroforestry projects, nature-based solutions, and 
       sustainable supply chain interventions. As an on-the-ground project 
       developer, PUR Projet will manage components of the carbon offset 
       certification, help navigate local culture/politics and advise on 
       reforestation efforts.

About ClimeCo

ClimeCo is a respected global advisor, transaction facilitator, trader, and 
developer of environmental commodity market products and related services. We 
specialize in voluntary carbon, regulated carbon, renewable energy credits, 
plastics credits, and regional criteria pollutant trading programs.

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