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Thursday, April 28 2022 - 23:59
China Matters documents the encounter of an American family and the Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group in Guizhou
BEIJING, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Among dozens of minority groups in southwestern China's Guizhou province, the 
Dong ethnic group is widely known for its tradition of passing on culture and 
knowledge in music, especially in "dage," or Grand Song in Chinese. 

As a group art form, Grand Songs are performed formally in the drum-tower, a 
landmark venue for rituals, entertainment and meetings in a Dong village. Most 
of the choir are women aged from teens to elders.   

Narrating history, daily life and romance stories of the Dong ethnic group, 
Grand Song performances have become an attraction for tourists visiting Dong 
villages. The art form remains a crucial symbol of Dong ethnic identify and 
cultural heritage.  

The Dong ethnic group has around 3 million population in China, most of whom 
more traditional Dong live in eastern Guizhou. The Dong people attach great 
importance to preserving their traditions and remembering their origins. Songs 
are believed by them to be a good way to appreciate their origins. 

To observe and experience this tradition in person, American vlogger Brenna and 
her family visited a Dong village in southeastern Guizhou. The family learned 
to sing the Grand Song with a local choir and joined their performance. They 
also experienced other local folk arts such as printing and dyeing.  

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