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Friday, June 24 2022 - 16:15
Workshop on Understanding Xi'an for International Friends, a conversation about historical sites and modern life kicked off in Xi'an
XI'AN, China, June 24, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

How do ancient and rich historical sites and modern urban life coexist 
harmoniously? On June 22, a number of international participants came together 
to talk about and experience Xi'an, an ancient city at the "Workshop on 
Understanding Xi'an for International Friends, A Journey of Discovering the 
Beauty of Ancient City Xi'an". The event was hosted by the Information Office 
of the People's Government of Xi'an and it took place at the Daming Palace 
National Heritage Park in Xi'an, China.

Guests included representatives from world-famous ancient cities such as Nara 
in Japan, Brussels in Belgium, and Pompeii in Italy, and they shared 
information online about the protection and utilization of historical sites and 
remains. Opportunities were provided to experience simulated archaeology, enjoy 
some night riding, and participate in a workshop at the Daming Palace National 
Heritage Park. Foreign visitors from more than 10 countries, international 
students and young returnees who have lived in Xi'an for a long time took the 
chance to see the beauty of bringing together ancient sites and modern life.

In the Daming Palace National Heritage Park, the participants delved into the 
Tang Dynasty through a series of activities such as an immersive archaeology 
experience enabled by 3D digital projection technology, and a night riding 
tour. The only archaeological exploration experience center in Xi'an, the 
Archaeological Exploration Center is in the Daming Palace National Heritage 
Park, covering an area of about 4.23 hectares. It is a comprehensive cultural 
place that focuses on the popularization of archaeological science. From 
investigation to exploration, excavation and recording, the participants 
experienced the whole archaeological process, appreciated the beauty of Tang 
Dynasty architecture, and became familiar with the efforts made by Xi'an to 
protect ancient sites.

During the workshop, Xi'an, Nara, Pompeii, and Brussels, four of the 
world-class ancient cities, joined together in an online video conference where 
participants shared numerous stories about historical sites and modern life and 
how young people creatively protect ancient cities. With the help of 5G and 
holographic projection technologies, the event invited guests to connect 
remotely to tell their own stories about historical sites. "I felt like I 
traveled back several thousand years in one night. The event allowed me to 
really feel the amazing historical civilization and charm of the historical 
sites in Xi'an," said Mehad Mousa, an Egyptian PhD student in literature 
translation from Northwest University.

With diversified monthly immersive city experiences and other activities, the 
Studying Xi'an campaign aims to allow people from abroad living in Xi'an to 
delve into the charm of Xi'an and to feel the authenticity, openness, and 
inclusiveness of Xi'an. 

Source: The Information Office of the People's Government of Xi'an

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   Caption: Visitors experience archaeological work at the Daming Palace 
Archaeological Exploration Center.