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Thursday, July 07 2022 - 00:30
NNG goes Live with new EV-first Navigation Solution
BUDAPEST, Hungary, July 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The growing demand for electric vehicles drives need for NNG's dedicated, 
EV-first mobility platform

NNG, a leading global supplier of location-based technologies, connected 
services, and automotive software, today announced the launch of NNG iGO.Live, 
its EV-first, hybrid mobility platform that leverages connectivity and deep 
vehicle integration to deliver best-in-class EV experiences.
"Global legislation and consumer trends have been driving demand for electric 
vehicles and the market is rapidly expanding. The IEA (International Energy 
Agency) Global EV Outlook 2022, reports that global sales for electric 
passenger and commercial vehicles reached more than 6,5 million units in 2021, 
a more than 100% increase compared to 2020*", said Dr. Martin Pfeifle, CTO of 
NNG. "The engineering team at NNG has been closely following this demand for 
EVs, and iGO.Live is a response to that need for a dedicated, hybrid, EV-first 
mobility platform that maximizes safety, convenience, and efficiency for 

Key features of NNG iGO.Live:

- EV-first mobility platform that scales and grows over the lifetime of the 
- Real-time delivery of the latest map data to the vehicle, with data streaming 
and seamless hybrid switching for on- and off-line use cases.
- Easy integration with an end-to-end Android-based application featuring 
lightweight APIs for flexible customization.
- Deep electric powertrain integration that allows NNG iGO.Live to calculate 
energy consumption in real-time, plan routes that include efficient charging, 
and simplify EV journeys.

"Compared to other solutions on the market, iGO.Live doesn't just add EV 
features to an already-existing product, but instead builds for EVs from the 
ground up. As a mobility platform, iGO.Live lets automakers create fully 
customizable, in-vehicle branded experiences for passenger and commercial 
vehicles, including trucks and motorbikes. In addition to optional advanced 
features like iGO.AR Guidance and iGO.AHEAD for ADAS data delivery, lightweight 
APIs enable easy onboarding of 3rd party functionality from NNG's suite of 
ready-to-integrate Connected Services.", said Jácint Tordai, Lead Product 
Manager at NNG.

"Projections indicate that EV sales will keep increasing rapidly and by 2030 
50% of all vehicles sold will be electric. This will impact not only 
automakers, but also how navigation is implemented within new vehicles. EVs are 
reliant on maps and connectivity for fundamental features, and iGO.Live will 
constantly evolve to serve these needs, delivering the latest features and 
services that OEMs, and their customers, need.", Tordai added.  
If you would like to learn more about NNG iGO.Live please watch our latest 
webinar and download the slides HERE 
zed-and-electric-mobility/) or get in touch with us.

About NNG

NNG is a leading global supplier of embedded and connected software solutions 
for the automotive industry. Found in over 60 million devices worldwide, its 
solutions span Navigation, Connected Services, Cockpit, and Cybersecurity. NNG 
delivers the next generation of smart, secure, and connected mobility – from 
the cockpit to the cloud.

* According to IEA's Global EV Outlook 2022 

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