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Thursday, September 15 2022 - 04:50
Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) announces Riyadh AI Declaration at the Global AI Summit
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Sept. 14, 2022, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

Following a Ministerial roundtable at the Global AI Summit, member states of 
the Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) agreed to adopt the Riyadh AI Call 
for Action Declaration (RAICA), which seeks to use AI technology to benefit 
people, communities, nations, and the world as a whole.

The declaration was signed by all members of DCO including Bahrain, Cyprus, 
Djibouti, Kuwait, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Jordan, Rwanda, and Saudi 

The call to action aims to advance the DCO's commitment to identify and address 
present, emerging and future humanitarian issues in the field of AI. The 
declaration highlights the different ways AI can be used as a tool to benefit 
the lives of millions of people around the world by improving the quality of 
work, developing better designed public policies and nurturing efficiencies 
into the ecosystem.

Deemah Al Yahya, Secretary General of DCO, said: "DCO was created with the 
ethos of establishing an inclusive digital economy through collaboration across 
diverse entities at all levels. The RAICA declaration is this idea put into 
practice. By signing this declaration all DCO member states are reaffirming 
their shared desire to usher in a brighter future for all by harnessing the 
huge potential of AI to improve the lives of people around the world."

The declaration highlights seven key pillars that will help to bring this 
future into reality. Each is comprised of principles that seek to address 
methods to ensure that benefits of AI are enjoyed by all while harming none.

Close the digital divide
Empower underprivileged communities
Promote digital development
Ensure fairness and non-discrimination 
Drive innovation in AI
Combat climate change by using AI 
Engage in international collaboration and cooperation 
DCO has developed a series of action areas to help these pillars to be 
implemented. To do this the member countries will push to provide all 
individuals with the resources they need to obtain AI literacy; work with 
organizations to identify how to employ AI to advance human rights; improve 
digital infrastructure; adopt comprehensive AI ethical guidelines; develop 
AI-supported initiatives to address global challenges; use AI to reduce human 
impact on the climate; and setup multilateral collaboration to accelerate AI 
accessibility across nations.

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