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Tuesday, September 27 2022 - 16:18
Taiwanese System Integrators Demonstrate Their Leadership in Digital Technology in Overseas Markets
TAIPEI, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- The System Integration Overseas Market Expansion Workshop provides new 
examples of how Taiwanese companies work with Japanese corporate partners to 
tap overseas markets

The 2022 System Integration Overseas Market Expansion Workshop was held at the 
Courtyard by Marriott Taipei Downtown at 2 pm on September 16. Mr. Qin Qin Lin, 
Deputy Director of the Administration for Digital Industries (ADI), Ministry of 
Digital Affairs (MODA), attended the event and gave the opening remarks. 
Taiwan-based YajanTech entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with 
SDT Thai, a subsidiary of Japanese business group, Shinden Hightex, to jointly 
expand their business footprint in the Thai market. Taiwanese system 
integrators chose to partner with overseas companies to enlarge their presence 
in the third market, and to strengthen their cooperation with major corporate 
partners in Europe, the United States, and Japan. At the same time, they are 
exploring new growth potential in overseas markets to expand the reach of their 
international services network, and by doing so, demonstrating the island's 
strength in digital technology system integration on the world stage.

Mr. Lin, the ADI's Deputy Director, said that Taiwan-based manufacturers and 
companies with strong experience cooperating with Japanese companies and have 
entered Southeast Asian markets were invited to attend the event onsite and 
share their success stories. Local participants can better understand the 
multi-dimensional service output model by learning from each other and 
exchanging best practices. ADI will continue its efforts to enhance the 
partnerships between local smart solution providers and major players in 
Europe, the US, and Japan, enabling industry innovation and exporting the 
better lifestyle created by Taiwan's digital economy overseas.

At the workshop, Taiwan-based YajanTech and SDT Thai enhanced their 
collaboration in providing AR solutions to the Thai market. During the event, 
the two parties shared their viewpoints on the best ways to apply AR solutions 
across Southeast Asia. The AR tourism application at Japan's Aichi Prefecture 
Airport as well as the smart parking project in California are examples of 
YajanTech's overseas success. YajanTech CEO James Tsai said that the 
collaboration makes the AR training for factories a part of its development 
strategy, passing on the experience and the sophisticated skills from masters 
to younger generations more effectively.

Furthermore, Lance Kao, CEO of Aeroprobing Inc., a UAV technology-based 
solution provider in Taiwan, shared the company's practices in cooperating with 
overseas partners to tap the Indonesian market. He said that Aeroprobing has 
been entering into partnerships and building trust with Japanese partners over 
the last three years, in a move to promote collaboration in the design and 
development of drones. Despite the pandemic, both parties established a joint 
venture to work together with Indonesian agricultural universities to train 
drone operators. The tripartite partnership to facilitate the application of 
smart agricultural technologies will improve the quality and efficiency of crop 
production while creating local job opportunities by making it attractive for 
young people to return to their hometowns and engage in farming. SK-KAWANISHI's 
CEO, Akihiro Kawanishi, elaborated on the experience of using the water 
resources solution, co-developed by Taiwanese and Japanese companies, for water 
plant maintenance, disaster relief and prevention, and waterway management in 
Southeast Asia.

SOURCE: Institute For Information Industry (III)

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