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Friday, September 16 2022 - 22:54
Typhoon Nanmadol will make landfall in Japan at the end of the week, according to's Hurricane Tracker
TOKYO, and PRAGUE, Sept. 16, 2022, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

After the recent typhoon Hinnamnor, another typhoon named Nanmadol is bearing 
down on Japan and South Korea. The Japanese, Australian and European forecast 
models, which are graphically visualized by, agree on the approximate 
path of the hurricane towards Japan. But Nanmadol will also have a big impact 
on the weather in South Korea.

The typhoon is currently reaching wind speeds around 200 km/h (category 4) and 
a pressure of 965 hPa and has the potential to cause damage mainly due to 
strong winds and heavy rains. Landfall is expected to occur on the southwest 
coast of Japan. The typhoon's direction will be refined by all models before 
Sunday. Based on the latest data, the typhoon can hit the south of Japan as a 
category 2 on The Saffir–Simpson hurricane wind scale.

The general public can follow the hurricane's progress on, which is 
also used by emergency teams, rescue centers, sailors, pilots, and professional 
athletes. The Hurricane Tracker [ ] tool is provided 
by Windy free of charge for all models (JMA, BoM-a, ECMWF). The different 
models differ in their calculation of hurricane direction, Windy displays local 
forecasts in the first place, for Japan it is the JMA (Japan Meteorological 
Agency). was originally created as a weather forecasting app for kiters, 
surfers, and other extreme sportsmen who need to know an accurate forecast of 
not only the weather but especially the development of weather conditions for 
their hobby. Gradually, however, the app has become an essential part of the 
professional lives of people whose lives depend on accurate weather 
forecasting. We're talking about sailors, pilots, firefighters, or just people 
in emergency staff during natural disasters. During hurricanes, images from have become an integral part of news coverage and information for 
residents in affected areas.

SOURCE: Windyty, SE