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Monday, October 17 2022 - 17:00
WealthPark Lab Releases White Paper -- WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study 2022 Vol.2
TOKYO, Oct. 17, 2022 /Kyodo JBN-AsiaNet/ --

WealthPark Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "WealthPark") is pleased to announce that its 
research arm WealthPark Lab has released the white paper -- WealthPark Global 
Residential PropTech Study 2022 Vol.2. The white paper, available in English 
and Japanese, covers global residential real estate technology trends.


- Introduction of "WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study Vol.2"
WealthPark Lab issues the white paper as part of WealthPark's ongoing research 
on global technology trends and technology companies.

"The biggest wealth in the world" and "The latest information technology"
WealthPark believes that where these two intersect, there will be affluence and 
happiness for people and society. At the intersection of these two, residential 
PropTech companies are there around the world, whose names are still unknown to 
the general public. WealthPark is committed to keeping a close eye on the 
entire residential PropTech industry, as well as small startups and emerging 
companies, to capture the seeds of great change that will take place in the 
world in the years to come.

"WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study Vol. 1" presented topics 
including venture funding trends and a "SPAC" market boom. It has received a 
lot of positive feedback from the industry.

In Vol.2, WealthPark presents a variety of content including "metaverse," one 
of today's hot topics, industry changes brought by residential PropTech 
adoption, and another 10 global company snapshots that were very well received 
in Vol.1. It hopes that the report will be of use to those who are working day 
in and day out for the enrichment and happiness of people and society.

For "WealthPark Global Residential PropTech Study 2022 Vol.2," click here to 

Table of Contents
- Introduction ("Welcome to Our Study")
- Residential PropTech Trends
- The Metaverse Spotlight
- 3 Industry Challenges to be Solved by PropTech
- Snapshots of 10 Highlighted Companies

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