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To celebrate 120 years of its Art Nouveau heritage, Maison Perrier-Jouet presents its collaboration with artist Garance Vallée at Unique Design x Paris and offers an exclusive experience at the Hotel de Crillon
PARIS, October 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

This year, Maison Perrier-Jouet is celebrating the anniversary of a flower that 
has become not only a symbol, but also an inspiration. The Japanese anemone, 
created 120 years ago by Emile Gallé, one of the pioneers of Art Nouveau, 
perfectly embodies the relationship with art and nature that has been rooted in 
the history of the House since 1811. To accompany this event, Maison 
Perrier-Jouet is unveiling its collaboration with the artist Garance Vallée at 
Unique Design x Paris from 19-23 October 2022. Alongside the exhibition, the 
House will be present at the Hotel de Crillon for two exclusive dinners created 
by Boris Campanella, Executive Chef of the Crillon, and Pierre Gagnaire, 3-star 
Michelin Chef and ambassador of the Champagne House.

A dialogue between art, nature, champagne and gastronomy will delight Paris 
this autumn.

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The origins of Perrier-Jouet's Art Nouveau heritage

Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose-Adélaïde Jouet, who founded Maison 
Perrier-Jouet in 1811, passed on to the generations who came after them their 
passion for botany, their attachment to the terroir, their love of art – and 
their vision of champagne. First came their son, Charles Perrier, and then, in 
1879, it was the turn of Henri and Octave Gallice to keep this heritage alive. 
The brothers, who were art collectors and aesthetes, met Emile Gallé in 1902. A 
noted botanist, he was one of the leaders of the Art Nouveau movement, which 
took nature as a source of inspiration for its free-flowing creativity. Emile 
Gallé decorated a Perrier-Jouet magnum with a spray of Japanese anemones, 
evoking the floral style of the House's champagnes. More than a century later, 
these flowers make the bottles of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque vintage cuvées 
recognisable throughout the world.

A dialogue between historical and contemporary Art Nouveau

Another Perrier-Jouet treasure: the largest private collection of French Art 
Nouveau in Europe – with remarkable pieces by Hector Guimard, Louis Majorelle 
and Emile Gallé, among others – is housed at the Maison Belle Epoque in 
Epernay. Every year since 2012, the House has collaborated with contemporary 
artists, to whom it entrusts the task of revisiting this remarkable heritage 
with a fresh creative impulse. After touring the world, these contemporary 
interpretations of Art Nouveau find their place at the Maison Belle Epoque, 
where they dialogue with the historic Art Nouveau collection.

The collaboration between Garance Vallée and Maison Perrier-Jouet: life forms 
united in symbiosis

An artist, architect and designer based in Paris, Garance Vallée is 
collaborating with Maison Perrier-Jouet this year to illustrate their shared 
vision of nature, expressed in all its diversity, and the place that humankind 
occupies in it. Garance Vallée shares her vision of one nature, in which all 
life forms are united to the point of forming a single entity. According to 
her, "Man is in nature, and nature is in Man" – a thought that resonates 
especially strongly with Maison Perrier-Jouet, which has cultivated a 
relationship of symbiosis with nature since 1811.

'Planted Air': Garance Vallée's installation questions our relationship to the 
living world

Garance Vallée has created an art installation for Maison Perrier-Jouet, which 
will be unveiled at Unique Design x Paris, a nomadic platform presenting a new 
generation of international artists and designers, during its Paris edition, 
from 19-23 October 2022.

'Planted Air' is a reinterpretation of the ecosystem of the Champagne vineyard. 
An actor in this universal biodiversity, the visitor is invited to follow a 
path through the vines. Garance Vallée has created a microcosm in which each 
vine stock is a sculpture, which appears firmly rooted in the chalk-rich 
terroir of the Champagne region. Each vine reaches upwards with the vertical 
élan of nature from the earth to the sky.

Represented by organic forms that create a universal language tending towards 
abstraction, plant, animal and mineral life forms are united in symbiosis, an 
interdependency with no hierarchy. One nature in its most essential expression. 
Mixing plays on scale and reflections, Garance Vallée draws the visitor into 
the installation, bringing about an immersive experience of body and image 
within the space, through which she lays the foundation for a deeper 
questioning of our relationship to the living world.

Freely inspired by nature, the curves and arabesques of 'Planted Air' anchor 
the installation in a contemporary vision of Art Nouveau.  The artist chose 
authentic materials crafted by artisans: the solid blocks of limestone, 
sculpted by hand, are an evocation of the Champagne terroir, while the wrought 
iron, painstakingly hammered by a specialist craftsman, recalls the gates of 
the Maison Belle Epoque in Epernay.

Maison Perrier-Jouet enchants the Hotel de Crillon

Maison Perrier-Jouet is offering an exclusive experience combining art, nature, 
champagne and gastronomy in the refined setting of the Hotel de Crillon on 18 
and 19 October 2022. During these two evenings, held in a private room in the 
Paris luxury hotel, guests will have privileged access to:

- The discovery of Perrier-Jouet's Art Nouveau collection: a selection of 
exceptional pieces have made the trip from Epernay to Paris for the occasion, 
including furniture signed by Emile Gallé, a reproduction of the original 
magnum decorated by the artist and some of his sketches, exquisite champagne 
glasses, and a work by Toulouse-Lautrec, as well as a number of treasures from 
the House archives;
- A preview of the installation 'Planted Air' by Garance Vallée at Unique 
Design x Paris;
- A gastronomic dinner by Boris Campanella, Executive Chef of the Hôtel de 
Crillon, and Pierre Gagnaire, 3-star Michelin Chef and ambassador of the 
Champagne House, to reveal the floral style and elegance of Perrier-Jouët 
wines, which inspired Emile Gallé 120 years ago.

The 120th anniversary limited edition: the anemone of biodiversity

The 120th anniversary is an ideal opportunity to celebrate the continuity of 
the style of the Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque vintage cuvées, renowned for their 
richness, elegance and intense floral notes. Maison Perrier-Jouet is adding a 
creative twist to its Art Nouveau heritage by inviting the Austrian designers 
mischer'traxler to create a limited edition in which the iconic anemone 
undergoes a metamorphosis. Seventy species from the vineyards of the Champagne 
region mix and mingle to compose the anemone, in a vibrant, colourful and 
multi-layered representation of their interdependencies. This anemone of 
biodiversity illustrates the role all species – including mankind – play in the 
biological balance of the ecosystem to which they belong. It is this 
magnificent and complex whole which Maison Perrier-Jouet is helping to 
preserve, both in its vineyards and beyond.

Séverine Frerson's tribute to the style of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque

To mark this 120th anniversary, Perrier-Jouët Cellar Master Séverine Frerson is 
paying her own tribute to the unique style of the Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 
collection, exceptional vintage champagnes noted for their richness, elegance 
and intense floral notes.

Created in 1964, Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque was the very first champagne in the 
collection, and thus the first to appear in the famous bottle decorated with 
Emile Gallé's anemones. This iconic cuvée perpetuates the style and the 
philosophy of Maison Perrier-Jouet over time.

For the anniversary limited edition of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 2013, 
Séverine Frerson has changed the dosage liqueur which is generally added to 
this cuvée. She has developed a liqueur derived from a 100% Chardonnay wine, 
crafted from the very finest grapes in the Perrier-Jouet vineyard: those 
produced by Bouron-Leroi, a legendary plot acquired by the founders of the 
House, which is situated within the Grand Cru village of Cramant in the Côte de 

Aging in oak casks enables this unique dosage liqueur to enrich the expression 
of the champagne's floral notes and to lend it an even silkier, more delicate 
texture, which Séverine Frerson compares to the petals of the Japanese anemone.

This limited edition of Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque 2013 reflects Séverine 
Frerson's vision for the future of Maison Perrier-Jouet. She aims to further 
enhance the expression of Chardonnay, not only in its final blends, but also in 
its dosage liqueurs and reserve wines. By revealing the quintessence of the 
House's signature grape variety, Séverine Frerson will intensify the floral 
aromas of its wines and reveal new ones which further accentuate their depth, 
richness and textural nuances.

About Garance Vallée

Garance Vallée is an artist, architect and designer based in Paris. She merges 
the domains of art, architecture and design in order to explore new 
relationships between man, the body, space and objects, as well as their links 
to domesticity, everyday life and intimacy. This approach leads her constantly 
to reappraise the place of man in his environment and his connection to nature. 
Embodying a new wave of creative talents embracing eclecticism, she breaks with 
the constraints of architectural conception to envision a multi-dimensional, 
decompartmentalised universe. From painting to drawing, sculpture to 
architecture and installations, her organic works evolve naturally, testifying 
to the importance she attaches to experimentation and the experience of the 
body in space. After graduating from the École Nationale Supérieure 
d'Architecture Paris La Villette in 2017, Garance Vallée has engaged in 
numerous exhibitions (solo shows at Carvalho Park Gallery in New York and Swing 
Design Gallery in Benevento, Italy, exhibition at Fondation Lafayette 
Anticipation in Paris) and collaborations (Nike, Lacoste, Maison Martin 
Margiela, Elitis, Le Bon Marché) since her TERRA installation at Milan Design 
Week in 2018.

About Maison Perrier-Jouet

Maison Perrier-Jouet was founded in 1811 from a couple's shared love of nature 
and passion for art. From the start, they chose the Chardonnay grape variety as 
the signature of the House, defining the floral style which sets Perrier-Jouët 
champagnes apart. Today, art and nature remain an endless source of 
inspiration, guiding our every action and creation: the way we tend our vines, 
craft our wines, and share our vision of the world – a vision of a life more 
rich in meaning, driven not by the urge to own, but the desire to thrive; a 
life lived with joy and purpose, in symbiosis with nature.

Maison Perrier-Jouet: Fill your World with Wonder

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