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Saturday, October 22 2022 - 02:28
Sanya Promotes Tourist Attractions in Macao as Hainan FTP and Greater Bay Area Collaborate for Growth
MACAU, Oct. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

- The STPB continues to expand its engagement with the GBA and the 
international community at large to provide tourists with more diverse 
experiences and multi-destination travel itineraries featuring the Sanya 
Economic Circle

On Oct. 21, the Sanya Tourism Promotion Board ("STPB") held a promotional event 
in Macao SAR, showcasing the various attractions of Sanya and promoting its 
appeal as a global premium travel destination.

This is the first year that the STPB has organized such an event outside of the 
Chinese mainland. Albert Yip, director general of the STPB, said that the board 
has been working to promote the appeal of Sanya as an international travel 
destination through such promotional events. This event in Macao is part of the 
STPB's endeavors to enhance exchanges and collaboration in the tourism sector 
between the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (the Greater Bay Area, 
the GBA) and the Hainan Free Trade Port (Hainan FTP).

Macao has long been a major source of inbound tourists to Sanya. According to 
STPB data, Sanya's hotels received 19.13 percent more Macao guests in August 
than in 2021. Looking at the demographics, the majority of Macao tourists 
visiting Sanya are either middle-aged or young, with sightseeing and leisure 
shopping being the most popular activities.

The STPB also promoted Sanya tourist attractions in response to the specific 
preferences of Macao tourists. A number of travel-related companies and service 
providers from the Sanya Economic Circle participated in the event, showcasing 
a variety of tourist attractions and services that Sanya has to offer to the 
people of Macao, covering sectors ranging from hotels and transportation to 
performing arts, wellness and leisure as well as customized travel. The Sanya 
Economic Circle, including Sanya and four nearby counties and cities - 
Lingshui, Baoting, Ledong, and Wuzhishan City - intends to pioneer a new 
economic growth model to boost inward tourism to Sanya and open up the 
multi-destination travel opportunities in the region.

Positioning Sanya as an open and diverse international destination, the STPB 
has been working to extend more possibilities to Sanya, leveraging the 
potential of the GBA and Hainan FTP deepening collaboration for growth. During 
the second Hainan Expo in July, three debut shows from Hong Kong boutiques and 
pioneering designer brands were featured at the Sanya Day event. The 
collaboration with the Hong Kong designers underlined Sanya's commitment to 
expanding mutual engagement with the GBA and the international community at 
large to provide tourists with more diverse experiences.

From a global perspective, the STPB has also been dedicated to the 
international market. Since being established in 2020, the STPB has continually 
diversified Sanya's tourism offerings and promoted the uniqueness of the city 
to the world. More than a modern and international city, Sanya also enjoys 
unique advantages for sustainable tourism thanks to its stunning scenery and 
wealth of natural resources.

The STPB recently started a campaign inviting bloggers from different countries 
to Sanya and encouraging them to discover the destination's unique and vibrant 
possibilities of food, culture, and more. One of the bloggers shared the beauty 
of the mountain trails and the cool fun of rafting in Wuzhishan with their 
global audience. Through her live streaming, the pristine vegetation, the 
lakes, and the diverse culture of the indigenous Li and Miao cultures were 
presented, unveiling Sanya's other side beyond its sunshine, beaches, and 
luxury hotels.

Source: Sanya Tourism Promotion Board

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