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Monday, October 31 2022 - 20:17
"Jiangsu Glimpse", a four-season magazine in English, is a guidance to enjoy beautiful Jiangsu
NANJING, China, Oct. 31, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/--

In mid-October, the "Charm of Jiangsu" Global Communication Center launched the 
autumn issue of "Jiangsu Glimpse" magazine. At the best viewing time, it will 
take people to enjoy the "Charm of Jiangsu", according to the "Charm of 
Jiangsu" Global Communication Center.

Although there are no high mountains in Jiangsu, there is no shortage of famous 
mountains. Especially in the autumn, at Double Ninth Festival, Jiangsu people 
climb the mountains and appreciate the beautiful scenery. The ancient towns, 
streets, and the former residence among famous mountains and lakes are good 
places to visit. The autumn version magazine for tourists has sorted a number 
of scenic routes in Jiangsu.

The aura of the landscape has created Jiangsu's natural treasures, humanities, 
elegance, celebrities. Li Bai, Su Dongpo, Xin Qiji, Liu Bang, Xiang Yu and 
other famous people in the history and Jiangsu's famous mountains have a 
natural origin and bond, these celebrities also add a great glory for Jiangsu 
attractions. The former residence of Xu Beihong, Pearl S.Buck, Jiangning 
Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum, the World Literature Hall are all listed in 
the autumn issue of magazine. Harvest is the most beautiful picture of Jiangsu, 
the autumn issue brings readers to walk into the fields of Jiangsu, into the 
cities of Jiangsu to enjoy the osmanthus, maple, ginkgo, chrysanthemum, reeds, 
sunflowers, pink grass and other good places.

The "Charm of Jiangsu" Global Communication Center also launched the winter, 
spring and summer issues of "Jiangsu Glimpse" magazines. The winter issue 
showcased the beauty of Jiangsu in winter with themes such as ice and snow, hot 
springs, water towns, Jiangsu cuisine from different perspectives. The spring 
issue presented "An Encounter with Flowers and Tea", the special album on 
"Charm of Jiangsu" in spring, showing the best places to visit and the classic 
routes to date with spring flowers. In the summer issue, Chinese and foreign 
editors recommend exciting routes to approach the bamboo sea and forest.

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Source: "Charm of Jiangsu" Global Communication Center

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   Caption: Fun in Jiangsu, the four issues of "Jiangsu Glimpse"

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