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Tuesday, November 15 2022 - 12:00
Dictador creates the most exclusive spirit in history: the first one billion-dollar limited edition – Dictador M-City Golden Cities
MIKOLOW, Poland, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

The spirit of everything Dictador does is to accept the bold challenge to 
redefine conventions and impact the future. Taking this ambition to a level 
never done before, Dictador created Dictador M-City Golden Cities, the pinnacle 
of the expression of the world's most impressive characters. It is the 
introduction of the equivalent of haute couture in the world of the most 
exclusive spirits. An invitation-only experience, available to very few of the 
most discerning individuals in the world who have proven to be among the elite 
connoisseurs of fine art, masters of style and culture, and belonging to the 
few tastemakers of extraordinary vision and inspiration.

These remarkable individuals have their rare opportunity to visit Dictador's 
art-masters distillery in Cartagena in Colombia and create a completely 
personalized one-of-a-kind blend of extremely aged rum in collaboration with 
our master distillers. Each bottle is unique and an individual expression of 
the notion of possibility when nothing limits the magnitude of dreams. There 
will never be two bottles with the same blend, creating a quantum shift of what 
luxury and limitation really means. Dictador's hand-picked clientele is 
intimately part of every step of imagination and creation. Defying the limits 
of what was possible before.

Expressing the character of the clientele, M-City, one of the world's most 
sought-after contemporary artists, will create a 24-carat gold bottle, 
depicting the map of the city that is closest to their heart. Each city will 
only be portrayed once, underlining the once-in-a-lifetime character of each 
blend. Each bottle is expected to have a value of millions of dollars. Once the 
edition reaches a billion dollars, it will be closed forever.

Dictador invites to join the rebels to impact the future. A group of masters, 
artists, and rule-breakers who take on the bold challenge to change the world 
for the better. They impact the future. They feel the freedom to create what 
was never done before. Bold, passionate, intensive, never following rules. 
Dictador M-City Golden Cities is its ultimate expression.

First several bottles were sold already. The price for each bottle starts at 
US$ 1,500, 000.

For more information, please visit: / @the_dictador /

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