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Saturday, November 12 2022 - 04:05
Qingdao has Built Itself into a Pioneer City with Modern Industries and Continuously Enhanced its Economy, Innovation and Competitiveness
QINGDAO, China, November 11, 2022, /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/--

According to Qingdao's "Five-Year Plan for Building a Pioneer City with Modern 
Industries (2022-2026)", Qingdao will focus on accelerating the construction of 
modern industrial system, integrating development of digital transformation, 
industrial ecological cultivation and construction, and cleanness, safety, 
energy-saving and efficiency "Four at the Forefront" by building "industrial 
cultivation highland, digital empowerment model, collaborative development 
benchmark, and green and low-carbon pioneer". Qingdao strives to increase the 
proportion of manufacturing added value in regional GDP to more than 30%, and 
the added value of productive services to 62% of the added value of service 
industry by 2026; The added value of the core industries of the digital economy 
shall account for 12% of the regional GDP, and the penetration rate of 
industrial Internet platforms shall reach 50%.

At present, focusing on the goal of building a pioneer city with modern 
industries, Qingdao is making all-round efforts. Both in terms of industrial 
structure and the underlying logic of industrial development are undergoing 
earth-shaking changes. On September 22, the "Several Policies on Qingdao 
Virtual Reality Industrial Park Development" were officially released at the 
2022 International Virtual Reality Innovation Conference. According to the 
policies, Qingdao municipal and district finances will allocate more than 1.2 
billion yuan in the next three years to support the construction of Qingdao 
virtual reality industrial park and enterprise cultivation, so as to accelerate 
the pooling of industrial resources and help Qingdao build a domestic 
first-class, globally competitive R&D and manufacturing highland of the virtual 
reality industry.

Data-driven manufacturing is changing the development logic of the 
manufacturing industry and becoming a new driving force leading the future 
development of the manufacturing industry. At the end of September, the first 
functional module of the first phase of the Project National Industrial 
Internet Big Data Shandong Branch - the digital transformation service platform 
for small and medium-sized enterprises, was launched for trial operation. The 
platform provides policy services, digital factories, small enterprises on the 
cloud, industrial services and other functions, whereby more than 90% of the 
services will be provided to enterprises without any charges, helping small and 
medium-sized industrial enterprises in Qingdao and Shandong Province to 
accelerate its pace of digital transformation.

Qingdao vigorously promotes the transformation of enterprise industrial 
Internet, implements special actions for digital empowerment in key areas, 
accelerates the construction of new information and communication 
infrastructures such as 5G networks, gigabit optical fiber networks, and data 
centers, and supports the development of "double-crossed" platforms represented 
by COSMOPlat, as well as platforms in specific industries and industrial 
Internet demonstration parks, to create a good environment for the digital 
transformation of enterprises.

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