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Tuesday, November 22 2022 - 02:24
Energizer High-capacity 2150Wh Portable Power Station ( Japan Version) launch on Makuake
LOS ANGELES, Nov. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/

Energizer's first 2150Wh portable power station ever

Energizer's first portable power station 2150Wh was launched at Makuake.

Since the IIT launch of the energizer pps2000 for the U.S. market, we've 
received a lot of responses from users who want different versions for 
different countries.

Now, Energizer portable power station has launched the Japanese version of the 
2150Wh PPS2000 in response to the support of Energizer users in Japan.

On November 9, the Japanese version of the Energizer PPS2000 portable power 
station officially began pre-ordering at Makuake ( )

Energizer PPS2000 with its power output of 2100W (peak 4800W) and its large 
capacity of 2150Wh, 3000 cycles, every family no longer has to worry about 
power outages.

PPS2000 Makes Every Family Feel Safe

2150Wh portable power station can power 80% of the devices in the home. Allows 
you to live normally for at least three days in the event of a power outage. 
Therefore, PPS2000 is a must-have device for emergencies.

PPS2000 Makes Every Family Save Money

Today, global energy prices are rising. The Energizer PPS2000 can be used with 
solar panels, which are not only energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, 
but also save on electricity bills.

Ultra-Long Battery Life of PPS2000

Energizer PPS2000 integrated LiFePO4 battery cycles up to 3000 times and lasts 
up to 10 years. It is very cost-effective to buy it.

Security of PPS2000

Energizer is a trusted brand.PPS2000's battery management system with 
overcharge/overcurrent/overheat and overvolts protection, you can use it with 
confidence without worrying about any safety issues.

Product Specifications

Item Weight:81.6 pounds
Aviation Output
Power Button
6×AC Output
Wireless Charging
USB-A Output
12V DC Charging Port
DC 5521 Output
Output PD100W

Company Profile

IIT started from trading, and with more than 10 years of brand operation 
experience. IIT has been the Energizer brand agent since 2019 and has been 
committed to the sales of portable power stations for three years.

In addition, IIT has also invested in a high-tech solar panel R&D team and 
factory as early as 2021, successfully mass-produced and supplying both at home 
and abroad.

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SOURCE: IIT Technology Co. Ltd.

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