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Tuesday, November 29 2022 - 12:00
The Sleep Company's latest SmartGRID mattress aims to combat insomnia in Japan
TOKYO, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    Research [ ] 
has found that swapping from an uncomfortable old mattress for a new one could 
give users an extra 42 minutes of sleep a night. The Sleep Company aims to 
offer customers the best sleeping experience that uses science and ergonomics 
to create the ultimate comfort and optimal support to the body with the best 
prices, as well as durability.

    Insomnia can be exacerbated by one's sleeping area. If people sleep on a 
mattress that causes them to be too hot, noisy, or is not the proper firmness 
for the body, they may become additionally restless, which will make insomnia 
worse. For this reason, it is so important to find a sleeping area and mattress 
that lulls them to sleep.

    The Sleep Company's [ ] 
SmartGRID is not memory foam, latex, or a coir mattress, and it's the only 
mattress with a grid-shaped hyper-elastic polymer. The SmartGRID construction 
allows the grid's walls to bend down on body curvatures like the hips and 
shoulders, ensuring that there is no pressure placed on any part of the body 
while also providing enough cradling and cushioning. The 2500 air channels in a 
SmartGRID structure facilitate enough airflow, giving cooling comfort during 
sweltering nights. When people toss and turn during sweating nights, they may 
feel disturbance across the mattress. SmartGRID mattresses allow zero partner 
disturbance for an uninterrupted night's sleep. 

    Benefits of The Sleep Company's SmartGRID Mattresses:
1.	Japanese Patented SmartGRID Technology - Made using the world's most 
advanced sleep technology, the mattress fits snuggly to all body shapes while 
firmly supporting the areas that need support.
2.	Comfort and Support – SmartGRID is scientifically designed to fit all body 
shapes, it is flexible where one needs comfort (Shoulders and Hips) & Firm 
where one needs support (Back) – So best of both worlds.
3.	2500+ Air Channels – Memory Foam or very high dense foam traps heat whereas 
SmartGRID has over 2500+ Air Channels which have a temperature neutral grid 
design so that people can sleep cool every night.
4.	Adaptive Support – SmartGRID provides instant support to bodily movements 
giving an undisturbed sleep thus reducing tossing and turning
5.	Durability – SmartGRID Material is durable in nature as it doesn't sag over 
time and stays in its natural form for a long duration of time.
6.	120 Nights Trail - The Sleep Company offers a 120-day money back guarantee 
and is committed to providing customers with the best mattress for their needs. 

    The Sleep Company is a Global Comfort-Tech company and the creator of the 
revolutionary SmartGRID Technology. Their products are intelligently designed 
with Japanese patented SmartGRID Technology to provide mind-blowing comfort and 
to elevate the sleep experience. The Sleep Company is currently present in 
India, Japan, UAE and UK. For mattress guidance, one can visit their website [ ] or 
Amazon store [

]  or can follow them on Instagram [ ] and Facebook [ ] to get the latest updates on 
SmartGRID mattress.


    Source: The Sleep Company