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Friday, December 09 2022 - 18:00
Cosmos Hotel Management Opens 5 New Unique MIMARU Apartment Hotels in Tokyo and Osaka to Discover Japan
TOKYO, Dec. 9, 2022 /Kyodo JBN-Asianet/ --

With the rapid return of international travelers to Japan, Cosmos Hotel 
Management Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce five Apartment Hotel MIMARU 
openings in Tokyo and Osaka. MIMARU offers spacious rooms furnished with 
stocked kitchens, enabling guests to stay together and discover Japan. With 
these latest openings, MIMARU now has 25 hotels in the popular urban areas of 
Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto as of 2022.

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In Tokyo, the new locations are:
- Asakusa, Japan's iconic destination; 
- Nihombashi, where the atmosphere from the feudal Edo period is still alive; 
- Ikebukuro, the emerging capital of Cool Japan with manga, anime, arts, and 
games in abundance.

In Osaka, buzzing with the anticipation of Expo 2025, exciting Shinsaibashi 
with excellent access from airports now has two new MIMARU hotels. 

- MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Nihombashi (Opened September 29th, 2022)
All rooms are spacious, with two separate bedrooms and a kitchen stocked with 
popular Japanese tableware. Please eat like a local in a guestroom.

- MIMARU Tokyo Ikebukuro (Opened November 1st, 2022)
Every room has a PC with access to the room's Metaverse Room. An eSports Room 
for up to five guests can play is also available.

- MIMARU SUITES Tokyo Asakusa (To open December 22nd, 2022)
All rooms have two separate bedrooms for a high-quality vacation house 

- MIMARU Osaka Shinsaibashi East (Opened October 6th, 2022)
Enjoy sake and an "Izakaya" (Japanese pub) atmosphere with short curtains, 
paper lanterns, a food stall, and sake barrels.

- MIMARU Osaka Shinsaibashi North (Opened November 24th, 2022)
The decor is based on the Osaka Castle, the iconic symbol of Osaka; the lobby 
has a "golden tea room" and a display of Japanese samurai armor.

While many visitors to Japan travel with their families or in groups, hotels 
that offer the luxury of relaxation to such large groups are limited in most 
urban areas. Apartment Hotel MIMARU hotels are located in Tokyo, Osaka, and 
Kyoto, offering excellent access. MIMARU accommodates large groups on extended 
stays, with spacious rooms (40 sq. meters and larger) furnished with stocked 
kitchens, a living/dining area, and laundromats in each hotel. The name MIMARU 
is a neologism from the Japanese phrase "MInna de toMARU" meaning "stay 
together." Many guests appreciate MIMARU's apartment-style hotels because they 
offer a comfortable home-away-from-home space to experience Japan, enabling 
guests to feel at home.


MIMARU also has diverse themed rooms that make the Japan experience even more 
memorable. The Pokemon Room, where a huge stuffed Snorlax and original 
Pokemon-themed tableware await guests, is immensely popular among Pokemon fans 
from around the world. Visitors can also play "Find the Hidden Ninja!" in the 
Ninja Room, created under the supervision of the Japan Ninja Council, with 
displays of "shuriken" (ninja stars) and scrolls and ninja motifs hiding in 
surprising places. Other themed rooms include a Premium Party Room furnished 
with a sushi counter and an Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock print) Room adorned 
with works by Hokusai and original MIMARU works created by modern ukiyo-e 
artists. Guests can experience Japan in an entertaining way.


(C) Pokemon. (C) Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.
TM, (R), and character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

MIMARU staff members are fans of Japan from around the world. Many are 
multilingual and able to communicate smoothly in Japanese and English; some 
MIMARU hotels have staff fluent in Chinese, Spanish, and Korean as well. These 
staff members are MIMARU guests' reliable partners to make extraordinary trips 


Three Apartment Hotel MIMARU locations have been selected in the Top 20 of 
"Best Hotels in Japan 2020 by International Travelers," announced in the 
Inbound Report 2020 by Tripadvisor (R), the world's largest travel guidance 
- 6th Place: MIMARU Tokyo Hatchobori
- 10th Place: MIMARU Tokyo Ueno Inaricho
- 12th Place: MIMARU Tokyo Akasaka

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