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Wednesday, December 21 2022 - 22:58
Shibei District, Qingdao: Promotion of People-oriented Urban Renewal
QINGDAO, China, Dec. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

Located on the east bank of Jiaozhou Bay, Shibei District, Qingdao is the 
origin of Qingdao's urban development as well as the birthplace of Qingdao's 
industry and commerce. The century-old Qingdao Port sets sail here, and brands 
such as Haier, Green Beer, and Sifang Machinery Factory all originate here.

Shibei District has firmly assumed Qingdao's "responsibility of major city" 
since this year for building a modern international metropolis, adhered to the 
concept of people's city built by the people as well as serving the people, 
launched three years of urban renewal and construction, and promoted 145 
projects with a total investment of 10 billion yuan at full speed, accelerated 
the improvement of the quality of urban functions, and continuously enhanced 
the people's sense of acquisition and happiness.

Focusing on putting the people first and creating a happy urban area. Shibei 
District adheres to the people-oriented development concept, rationally 
arranges production, living, and ecological spaces, and starts the renovation 
of 94,000 square meters of historical protected buildings to a full extent. 57 
shops in the Dabao Island Cultural and Leisure District are opened, as well as 
the Gaomi Road, forming a vibrant scene of "readable buildings, strollable 
blocks, memorable city"; pilot project of national-level pedestrian street 
renovation - Dengzhou Road Beer Street, Hexing Road, Changxing Road Snack 
Street in the Taidong Pedestrian Street Area are renewed and opened, reshaping 
new landmarks for internet celebrities; 53 places and 259 old blocks were 
completed throughout the year, the living conditions of 14,700 residents have 
significantly improved; the transformation of idle open spaces in the city has 
been vigorously promoted, 34 urban "micro-renewal" projects have been 
completed, adding convenient parking lots and basketball courts, providing more 
than 2,800 parking berths and making the city a paradise for people to work and 

Focusing on the ecological development and creating a beautiful urban area. 
Shibei District has launched a construction action "City of Parks", proceeded a 
high-standard remediation of 10 mountain parks such as Shuangshan Mountain and 
Beiling Mountain, opened up 7.3 kilometers of greenway around Fushan Mountain 
and more than 8,000 square meters of leisure lawn to the public as a "salon of 
sunshine"; built up a 4-kilometer coastal trail guided by the "rebirth of 
Houhai through integration of harbor and city", integrating natural ecology 
with urban public spaces organically to create a modern, vibrant and colorful 
urban-themed greenway; made use of every single space to build pocket parks, 
adding dozens of places for rest, fitness and activities, and actively created 
a participatory community park environment of open type with "flowers in front 
of you and shades of green by your side".

Focusing on high-quality development and creating a top-class urban area. 
Shibei District has implemented the update and renovation of the cruise port 
area to a high standards, launched the trial operation of the container tribe 
project, initiated the construction start of the China North International Oil 
and Gas Center, proceeded with the construction of the underground space and 
the Shandong port shipping and financing center in an orderly manner; fully 
started the construction in three large areas such as old Sifang Industrial 
Zone - CRRC Sifang City, Great Health Industrial Park and Celebration City with 
a newly started area of 750,000 square meters; fully guaranteed the 
construction of key municipal projects, completed the widening of Nanjing Road 
and opened it to traffic two months in advance, so that the quality of the city 
has been significantly improved.

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