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Saturday, December 24 2022 - 01:15
Sanya Hosts GenZ Top Model Contest to Lure Young Tourists
SANYA, China, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire-Asianet/ --

The Sanya Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) has partnered with esee Model 
Management to jointly organize the "GenZ Top Model Contest 2022", which 
officially kicked off its grand final on Dec. 19 in Sanya, the most popular 
tourist destination on China's Hainan Island.

With a theme of "Enjoying the fashionable Sanya", the STPB aims to diversify 
tourism and add some touches of fashion that are particularly popular among 
young tourists through the top model contest. The contest is deliberately 
designed to cater to Generation Z ("GenZ") — those who were born between 1990 
and 2010. As part of the efforts to lure young tourists and boost tourism 
development, only GenZ talents are eligible to participate in the top model 

"Sanya is widely recognized as an international tourist attraction and a hub 
for global fashion trends, which has made it an ideal venue for hosting this 
supermodel contest," said Zheng Yi, president of esee Model Management, one of 
the largest modeling agencies in China.

The contest organizers perfectly combined Sanya's unique natural landscape with 
the fashion industry, choosing an area near the Sanya landmark attraction 
Tianya Haijiao (literally "edge of the sky, rim of the sea") as the venue for 
its grand finale. Other well-known attractions in Sanya, such as Luhuitou and 
West Island Village, also served as the background for contestants' inspiring 
performances in the city-themed photography.

"The young tourist base has become a main driving force in tourism 
consumption," said Wu Xiaolin, Secretary of the Party Committee of STPB. "That 
has laid a perfect foundation for the 'GenZ Top Model Contest 2022' given 
Sanya's international, young and dynamic image. Through events like the top 
model competition, Sanya hopes to bring in more well-known brands to the city."

For many years, Sanya has been known for its tropical landscape and scenic 
resorts. Now through the establishment and development of Hainan Free Trade 
Port, the STPB are working to extend more possibilities to Sanya and form a 
dynamic tourism industry that offers personalized tourism products.

The tropical island escape, for example, prides itself on its golf tourism, as 
it has made itself a popular golf 
tself-a-top-golfing-destination-in-china-382472.shtml) with professional golf 
courses and clubs.

Earlier this year, Sanya hosted the Sanya 
event at the second China International Consumer Products Expo, which welcomed 
2,800 boutique brands from 61 countries and regions. The event was especially 
popular among GenZ tourists, who were lured by the fashion shows organized by 
designer brands.

Many young tourists are also enticed by Sanya's wide range of offerings when it 
comes to water 
ng-summer-as-travel-picks-up-pace-355381.shtml). With more than 20 wake-surfing 
clubs in Sanya, those that love surfing can enjoy a more exciting and smoother 
experience gliding on water. For those who prefer their watersports at a more 
leisurely pace, sailing is another perfect option.

"We want to make sure that our tourism industry is diverse enough to 
accommodate all the traveling needs for all kinds of tourists worldwide and 
attracts more types of businesses to make debuts or expand their presence in 
Sanya," Wu said.

SOURCE:  Sanya Tourism Promotion Board

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   Caption: Sanya Hosts GenZ Top Model Contest to Lure Young Tourists